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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lies, sit-ups and refreshments

A cop in a federal drug case was caught lying, and Jayne Miller is wondering why lying cops are still working cases.

Today in Dr. Levy news, lawyers are demanding to know why his pen-camera wasn't discovered earlier,* and say previous patients stopped seeing him because of a lack of a "chaperone" in the room. FHBIII has now been called back from retirement to help on the case. (non-Sun link) ... if you're looking for a good ladydoctor, I can't say enough nice things about this practice.

A total of 12 officers have now been charged by the feds in the case of the beating of Kenneth Davis at Roxbury.

That gun-control bill is going up for a vote in the Senate today.

City officials are working out a deal to hold Brekford, the vendor of the new speed cameras, accountable for mistakes, but won't tell anyone just how they'll be doing that.

Whistleleaker Bradley Manning is set to give a statement today on why he passed info along to Wikileaks.

So the officer candidate who was shot in the head has been named, and he's 43. They take 40-somethings? Really? I guess they do. Searching around the only requirements appear to be that you're at least 20 and meet some rather underwhelming physical requirements (29 sit-ups in a minute? Sheeit, I hope so!)

Speaking of the BPD, couple of events:
Baltimore Police Community Ride-Along and Open House:
Friday, March 1st from 2:00-10:00pm @ Northern District Station
2201 West Coldspring Lane

Ever wanted to ride along with a police officer, observe first hand the work officers do on a daily basis? Then this is your chance. On Friday March 1st the Northern District will be hosting a community ride-along and open house. Participants will be paired with an officer and will patrol with them for several hours of their shift. Afterward refreshments will be served and participants will have the option to attend several presentations and a station house tour.

Those wishing to participate in the ride along are requested to be at the Northern District Station between 2:00pm and 2:20pm . The ride –along will continue until 6:00pm when refreshments will be served. The open house will continue until 10:pm. Participants need not participate in both segments of the event.

Reservations are requested to participate in the ride-along portion RSVP by calling 410-367-8491 ( If you leave a message with your name and Phone Number a slot will be reserved. You may also RSVP via E-mail at

Coffee with a Cop: Saturday, March 2nd at McDonald’s at 29th and Greenmount  9 a.m. to Noon Coffee Provided by McDonald’s

Join Northern District Police Officers for a Coffee Break: Meet and Great them, tell them what you think, find out about the challenges they face every day on the job, or just get to know them over a cup of coffee.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

16 slices of pie

The Ink details last week's seven murders, plus case updates.

Student-on-teacher assaults are on the rise.

Have you seen this suspect wanted for the robbery of two staff members inside Mercy Hospital*? I have, he tried to break into my office while I was in it this summer. I remember that exaggerated "poor me" expression very well. But like a dumbass, instead of calling the cops I asked him "can I help you?" and he made some lame excuse about looking for a bicycle part and then hoofed it out of there. Therefore this robbery is entirely my fault.

Today in Dr. Nikita Levy news: the clinic where he worked had limited oversight,* and he was busted because an employee raised her suspicions about his pen camera. And this OpEd is pissing me off: "Predatory physician case shows by patients must be vigilant.*" Oh, STFU -- it's now the patients' fault for not being vigilant enough? There was someone else in the room for his exams. She was the one who busted him. There was nothing in his background for a background check to turn up. What would an audit have done? "Predatory physician case shows that physicians should not be predators," TFTFY.

Tragic: woman in Reisterstown killed by suicidal driver.*

Oh, Todd Huff. The phone calls he made to the County chief of police are now on the internets.

Berger's cookies is back in the baking business,* but peeling paint? Cigarette smoking in the bakery? Those cookies now sounding not-so-tasty.

I'm thinking someone found out my Spectator sympathy has waned.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dine dine dash, fap fap knife

Life sentence for James Sweeny,* a former Locust Point resident turned head of Dead Man Inc, who admitted he ordered hits to help raise money for the gang.

Maryland's top court "has eliminated the $1 billion award of punitive damages to Baltimore County residents stemming from a massive 2006 gasoline leak in Jacksonville, and wiped out or ordered new trials on much of the $650 million in compensatory damages as well." WTF? (TDR subscriber link)

The Supreme Court is taking up MD's warrantless-DNA-collection law today

The General Assembly will be taking up a bill that prohibits the shackling of inmates in labor.

A man was stabbed in the shoulder in lower Charles Village as he tried to flee a robbery.

Levy case: police say they've been contacted by more than 2,000 former patients.

Police have released new COMSAT data.

If you want to listen to the General Assembly argue about guns, have at it.

Dine-and-dash artist Andrew Palmer, 46, got 29 days and a year for his seizure-faking routine. He has been arrested more than 80 times.*

Southern district: pot growers busted, plants photographed

WBAL has released photos of Robert Gladden pulling out a rifle in the Perry Hall cafeteria. Gladden got 35 years yesterday.

Out in Towson a couple having sex in a parking garage caught a guy watching them and masturbating, he then chased them with a knife.

"A trip that started out for bird watching in Laurel ended with the discovery of a human skull." Other human remains were also found in Overlea.

In HarfCo a teacher's aide at Bel Air High school was charged with having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Medical treatment'

Delegate Curt Anderson, D-43, has introduced a bill to make marijuana legal in Maryland and tax it like alcohol. So sensible you know it can't pass, but call your rep in the House anyway.

Well, that was quick. After about two days on the job, Joseph Smith -- the major, not to be confused with the prophet with Donny Osmond flair -- has resigned as police training director.

An American employee of the embassy of Malaysia was indicted for molesting his adopted daughter* in an unnamed city hotel room while she was here getting medical treatment.

Here come the Levy lawsuits.

County Councilman Todd Huff was charged with DUI in his county-owned Jeep Cherokee, and police are refusing to release his blood alcohol level to the public. This guy owns a business, he can't afford to buy his own car? Heh, he reportedly asked the officer, "don't you know who I am?"* Er.. Lindsay Lohan? UPDATE: the Sun got his BAC-- .20. Damn, son.

The Patch has all your boyfriends' mug shots.

And two other shootings, on York Road and George Street, respectively

As you probably already heard, Berger's cookies was shut down for not paying a $500 licensing fee, probably because the owner, Charles DeBaufre, is in intensive care. But while on the subject, why are health department code violations not public? (or am I just incompetent at finding them?)

Ugh, animal hoarders.

Ugh, Vegas developers.