Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Medical treatment'

Delegate Curt Anderson, D-43, has introduced a bill to make marijuana legal in Maryland and tax it like alcohol. So sensible you know it can't pass, but call your rep in the House anyway.

Well, that was quick. After about two days on the job, Joseph Smith -- the major, not to be confused with the prophet with Donny Osmond flair -- has resigned as police training director.

An American employee of the embassy of Malaysia was indicted for molesting his adopted daughter* in an unnamed city hotel room while she was here getting medical treatment.

Here come the Levy lawsuits.

County Councilman Todd Huff was charged with DUI in his county-owned Jeep Cherokee, and police are refusing to release his blood alcohol level to the public. This guy owns a business, he can't afford to buy his own car? Heh, he reportedly asked the officer, "don't you know who I am?"* Er.. Lindsay Lohan? UPDATE: the Sun got his BAC-- .20. Damn, son.

The Patch has all your boyfriends' mug shots.

And two other shootings, on York Road and George Street, respectively

As you probably already heard, Berger's cookies was shut down for not paying a $500 licensing fee, probably because the owner, Charles DeBaufre, is in intensive care. But while on the subject, why are health department code violations not public? (or am I just incompetent at finding them?)

Ugh, animal hoarders.

Ugh, Vegas developers.


Kiki said...

Health code violations, yep, there a site for that:

Maurice Bradbury said...

thank you!!

Maurice Bradbury said...

thank you ... and what the em effing ef?! No records at all for the entire months of November and December? What??

I have been so nutballs over the possibility of health hazards related to death by crime and trash fees that I've been blind to the much more real possibility of death by food poisoning. In the entire city of Baltimore only THREE food service places didn't pass health code this month?! Read the meticulous health code, dear reader, and splain to me how that could be remotely possible.

Unknown said...

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