Monday, February 18, 2013

Asylum and Training School
for the Feeble Minded

"A Baltimore City Circuit Court jury convicted Eugene Emmett Bates for murdering a man in a vacant house, burning his body in attempt to destroy any evidence, and stealing his vehicle."

"Missteps in trainee shooting ran afoul of standards.*" Ya think? Among the "missteps," the director of the program didn't know that training was being done in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the former Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded. With no supervisors, apparently. Batts is set to give the training instructors a verbal spanking* tomorrow, and a new director has been named, one Maj. Joseph Smith. And yet, even after being told by a federal judge that police training policies and procedures are public documents,* the BPD refuses to release them. So I imagine the verbal spanking will go like this: "here I am making a mad face and shaking my finger for the camera and giving lip service to accountability! Blah!"
... an aside, while neighboring states such as Virginia forcibly and routinely sterilized the "feeble minded" back in the 20's, Maryland never did this. Go Maryland! 

Senators have introduced a bill requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance.

On Friday night the BPD held a "tweetalong," where they Tweeted like sorority girls during a shift. Anyway, one of the (two) incidents was a suspected robbery at 300 Homeland Southway. Apparently a guy followed the victim home and then robbed her.

A tipster sent in another picture of Deonte Smith's stabber, unfortunately it is not much better than the other pictures.

One of the employees of Roland Park firefighter/pimp Jamar Simmons was a woman from South Dakota. If the graphic with the story is to believed, the pimps pimped their (underage) sex workers via Twitter as @BigCityDates. The account is still up, but the pictures of Cherrish, Bambi, Unique and the other #applebottom #freak(s) are not, though you can still find pictures of underage girls here

Adorable: city spends $585k to figure out how to save money*

Nine years for gun-toting felon Justin Harris, 28.

Baltimore guns showed up on the Bronx black market.

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