Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No sex at the wildlife expo

Homicide #23: a 47-year-old man shot in the 4300 of Adelle Terrace in Irvington*

A man is dead after a triple shooting at a bus stop in Middle River

Trial starts today for Jason Scott, who the Deuce deems a "criminal mastermind." 

Perry Hall shooter Robert Gladden Jr. pleaded guilty today to attempted first-degree murder.*

Batts pledges to review the BPD's use of weapons.* Whatever. Since it's unlikely the public will ever be allowed to see the results of the review-- given not even a federal judge can compel the department to disclose its current procedures-- filing this under "hollow lip service to placate the pissed."
Fenton: "The agency-wide review of use of force would be a first, at least in the department's recent history. Officer-involved shootings have been on the decline since 2008 — 33 people were shot that year, but the number was cut to 21 in 2009, 10 in 2010, and 15 in 2012. City officers have shot six people so far this year, one of them fatally. But the number remains high — the New York Police Department, which has more than 10 times as many officers as Baltimore, shot 28 people in 2011."
Related: WaPo OpEd on building public trust states obvious

Johns Hopkins Medicine · 30,234 like this
18 hours ago · 
  • On Feb. 4, 2013, after being alerted by an employee, Johns Hopkins security department initiated an investigation about concerns involving Nikita Levy, M.D. It was determined that Dr. Levy had been illegally photographing patients with his personal photographic and video equipment and storing those images electronically. Tragically, today we learned that Dr. Levy apparently has taken his own life.

    Any invasion of patient privacy is intolerable. Words cannot express how deeply sorry we are for any patient whose privacy may have been violated. We continue to work closely with the Baltimore Police Department and will assist them in any way possible.

    We have set up a call center for Dr. Levy’s patients and are also offering them counseling. The number is 855-546-3785.
    More from the WaPo. Yes, he was a gynecologist. Eugh. Can you imagine this happening to you and then being willing to go back to Hopkins for counseling? Thanks, but no thanks. And if you were a victim do you get to see your own pictures? So skeevy on so so many levels...

    A "flash mob" stole cell phones at the Sprint store at York & Belvedere roads

    Crime-scene cleanup company is accused of gouging customers

    "Assault Weapons in the Line of Fire" -- I see what you did there, JZ

    If you're planning to get extra sameach this Purim, note that the Northwest Citizens Patrol will drive your  drunk ass home for free (and anonymously).

    Fast times in AAC: one drug bust netted 87 ounces pot, guns, a grey-faced guy and two fat people,  another 5 grams, some crack and a guy with a neck tattoo. Also in AAC, man charged after having sex at wildlife expo.

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