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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Keep your head up, yo"

Turns out the victim in the Rosedale Panera parking lot was the alleged perp's stepfather. The 15-year-old, Timothy Criner, will be charged as an adult with first-degree attempted murder, though the stabbing may be justified as Panera's soups taste like re-heated spooge filtered through a whore's bedsheets, and anyone who would feed them to a child deserves a slow, painful death.

Life for Jerome Williams and Charles Y. McGaney in the Harris case, 65 years for Gary Collins.

The Ink on last week's four murders

Religious leaders protest at Clyde's Sport Shop, and Clyde is not pleased.

CP: "Federal money is expanding drug treatment in Baltimore--and causing providers headaches."

The Testo case has gone to the jury

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services defends its actions in the Willie Featherstone case

Helen Holton talks ethics at Loyola U. HALLELUJAH!

Media blabber: Tribune Exec Me-so-Randy Michaels* poised to resign.
*this link is probably NSFW.. depending on where you W

Don't miss: Larnell Butler's letter to the CP on the Jessamy/Bernstein race

Monday, October 4, 2010