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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Watch out for that tree

Another teen fatally shot, a 19-year-old at E. Hoffman and N. Milfton* (Milton?). Broadwater notes his is the city's 175th homicide according to him, it's the 177th according to our blog t(r)oll (was someone removed?). A 60-year-old man was shot to death in the 3100 block of Garrison Blvd.
 The bifurcating of victim ages is sad/interesting: six victims under 20 in the past month, and five over the age of 40, and five female victims since 9/18. There have been three child homicide victims so far this year, Maya Carr, (5), Olivia Palmer (6 months) and Desmare Braxton, 1.

"Bitch if I lose my house job or wife, you will lose your life!"  Fenton follows up on the use of "special police"-- aka security guards who look like police, act like police, but don't have police training or accountability*. Not just Tenable Protection but 30 more "extralegal" agencies ranging from the venerable campus cops of MICA and JHU to gawd-knows-who. ... what could possibly go wrong?

Police pursuit of an alleged gun-toting drug dealer ended with a suspect dead after his car hit another car, six Dunbar High football players and then a tree. 

Monday, September 3, 2012


A man was shot to death in the 1300 block of Lakewood Avenue at 1:46 Saturday morning, the victim was homicide #140ish

Another police-involved shooting, this one on Lorraine Ave Saturday night

A man delivering food was shot in the back on Clifton Park Terrace.

Cherry Hill's Cleoda Walker had "DEAD BITCH" spray-painted on the hood of her Saturn,* probably due to her involvement with the lawsuit against the Tenable Protection Agency. You'll recall Billy Murphy and Walker joined to sue the city re. the extralegal activities of the "security" firm. An employee due to testify against the firm also got a threatening note and had her tires slashed. Er, not really helping your cause there, Tenable Protection Agency.

After the recent dog-mauling, the Waverly Farmer's market is cracking down* on people tying up their animals on the periphery, and the Sun notes that the owner of the Rottwieler is one Omar McBee, not Omar McDee. If said Omar was born in 1971 and his middle name is Tremayne, he's also a sex offender who's been charged with failing to register (but has since complied) (left).


In the County on Saturday, Tavares Jones, the bouncer of TeeBee's Bar & Grill on Darlington Drive, was stabbed to death trying to break up a fight. And in Essex, Darryl Wilson Lovellette Jr., 25, was stabbed at or near Sinix Bar and died soonafter.

A clerk at the Speedy Mart on Hollins Ferry Road was shot during a robbery.

Jeff Hager on the bust at Victoria Spa on York Road: "Long before a website appeared advertising Chinese massage parlors in Timonium with happy endings, neighboring businesses already suspected the sad reality behind the services they had to offer." But don't worry, lonely mens, there are still plenty of other places offering sad reality ... and wait, does this mean a County cop got paid to get a squeezer? Eww

"Managing Partner Of Law Firm Gardens Behind Office"

And finally, if Ice Cube a/o Skinny Suge didn't convince you, this New Yorker piece on the use of confidential informants makes a powerful case for not turning state's evidence.