Sunday, October 21, 2012

Watch out for that tree

Another teen fatally shot, a 19-year-old at E. Hoffman and N. Milfton* (Milton?). Broadwater notes his is the city's 175th homicide according to him, it's the 177th according to our blog t(r)oll (was someone removed?). A 60-year-old man was shot to death in the 3100 block of Garrison Blvd.
 The bifurcating of victim ages is sad/interesting: six victims under 20 in the past month, and five over the age of 40, and five female victims since 9/18. There have been three child homicide victims so far this year, Maya Carr, (5), Olivia Palmer (6 months) and Desmare Braxton, 1.

"Bitch if I lose my house job or wife, you will lose your life!"  Fenton follows up on the use of "special police"-- aka security guards who look like police, act like police, but don't have police training or accountability*. Not just Tenable Protection but 30 more "extralegal" agencies ranging from the venerable campus cops of MICA and JHU to gawd-knows-who. ... what could possibly go wrong?

Police pursuit of an alleged gun-toting drug dealer ended with a suspect dead after his car hit another car, six Dunbar High football players and then a tree. 

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evaline said...

Wait, JHU doesn't have real cops? That interests me, seeing as I work on that campus. My previous school (private) had it's own real police force -- but their precinct was limited to the campus and maybe a couple blocks all around. They were usually ex-Houston cops who wanted a more boring lifestyle. I'm really surprised JHU doesn't have it's own police station, considering the "dangers" in Baltimore have to be lots higher than those in Houston!