Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early voting y'all

It has begun. There are five early voting sites in the city open today, tomorrow and next week. Got your sample ballot? Ready to choose your choices? As usual there's a lot of more on the ballot than you may have heard of, including lots of choices that aren't really choices. Somebody's running against Ben Cardin? Yeah, good luck with that, libertarian guy and dudes whose last names end in a vowel. And while I guess it's good on principle that somebody's running against John Sarbanes, who's ever heard of Paul Drgos or tea party candidate Eric Knowles? Voters will also be able to vote for six judges for the circuit court, a judge for the appellate circuit, court of appeals, special appeals at large, and special appeals appellate circuit 6. But one can only vote for them, as they're all running unopposed. So what's the point of voting again? Oh right, ballot questions! More audits! More gay marriage! Less gambling! More third-party candidates on our boards and commissions! Zoo and museum, didn't we just borrow a bunch of money for you 10 minutes ago? That's cool, I like art and animals, so more pretend money for you too! A longer term for people elected in 2011? What the heck, why not?! Whee! God bless murica!


evaline said...

I've been telling everybody to vote early since we don't know what's going to happen with the Frankenstorm. More gay marriage and less gambling, indeed.

Kiki said...

I am voting for Rob Sobhani. Nothing against Cardin, I just think that its time for a change. And OMG has seen the other guy Dan Bongino who's running for Senate? He looks like a straight up Guido goon! Kinda scary but he look like he can get ish DONE!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Yeah and Sarah Palin endorsed him so you know he's awesome. And it's really fun to say "Booonnnggino" in a Baltimore accent when you drive by his signs.