Monday, October 22, 2012

I ain't one to judge, but ...

Good for the Deuce-- a month after Anthony Anderson's homicide by cop, they're still covering the story, noting no charges have yet been filed.

A man was shot at 1:44 a.m. in Woodlawn, he's "clinging to life"

Older burglar Kevin Younger, 50, was arrested for stealing from the Utrecht art supply store* more than a year ago after his fingerprint was found on a newsbox outside.

Loni Haggins (Examiner/FB)
Look, I ain't one to judge, but what could a 30-year-old woman possibly see in a 17-year-old boy? Former cheerleading coach Loni Haggins of Bowie may spend up to a year in the pen to contemplate that question after pleading guilty to the attempted sex abuse of a 17-year-old boy-- attempted abuse that left her insperminated with her now one-month-old child. So given that this kid is technically a victim of rape, will he have to pay child support?

So someone splain Question K to me more plz. Everyone who is in now gets an extra year added on to their term?.. and there might be an Anthony Brown/StephRB ticket in 2014? Ennteresting. Who else thinks that DieBold is going to steal the election in Ohio and Florida for R-Money?

Speaking of ballot questions, this is the last day to opine on the concealed-carry question that's supposed to come before the 4th circuit starting tomorrow, so vote _^ if yr gonna, varmints. Just think, by Christmas we could have heat-packing husbands canoodling in the streets! 


evaline said...

RE: stealing the election. They got away with it before, why not try again? It's a two-pronged effort this time. Scary billboards and other voter intimidation efforts to get it close enough to 50/50 that it's "believable" that the vote went red... even if the exit polls show otherwise. I fully expect it.

mb said...

I totes do too. Never misunderestimate. Erroneously knocking a few thousand people off of the rolls of registered voters here and there could be major, especially in places like NC and PA. Add a little Diebold monkeying in Ohio and Florida, intimidation here and there and viola.