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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

They're Gonna Burn Down the Zoo!

National eyeballs are upon our fair city again as we wait for the verdict in the trail of officer William Porter, charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. There's scant precedent (in Baltimore or anywhere) for an officer to be criminally charged with reckless endangerment, and even Warren A. Brown says the evidence isn't there.*

The prosecution (Jayne Miller's girlfriend and retired Venable partner Michael Schatzow) presented no witness who said Porter's actions were unreasonable, a former BPD commander said that their orders were closer to "guiding principles" (a indictment of the BPD, to be sure). There's no agreement when and how Gray incurred his fatal injury, much less that Porter had an "evil motive." 

So, what have we learned since April? We still don't know who gave the order to stop bus service at Mondawmin, though we know more about the BPD "major shortcomings"* that possibly incited the riots and definitely made them worse: an unclear chain of command, poor intelligence, a missing mayor and a police chief employing a passive- aggressive "stand down" strategy.

The riots were not just wilding in the streets but led to conceptual chaos also: we learned how the Crips, Bloods and BGF were actually the good guys, trying to keep the peace and save officers. Flaming liberals found themselves agreeing with the sentiments of right-wing conspiracy theorists. The categorical confusion seems epitomized in the case of Gregory Bailey/Butler, the alleged CVS hose-stabber who was revealed to be a Poly graduate who lost a $46k athletic scholarship because of the city schools' miscalculation of his GPA, an injustice would surely compel the grittiest Brietbart bootstrapper to open fire (and given the 290 mass-shootings in the U.S. since the riots, the stabbing of a fire hose in front of a burning CVS seems adorably picayune).

So, here we go again. County schools have cancelled all field trips to the city until the end of the week.* From April until now the state's spent about $35 million to keep former residents of West Baltimore in jail. The jurors are deliberating with bowls of candy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sold for Sex/Blind Crack Kingpin

Matthew Brown, 25.
'I got a tattoo of your initials, Daddy!
Please pay attention to me now!"
Out of country for two weeks, thanks for not burgling my house!
What did I miss?

Warren A B
The son of defense attorney Warren Brown's son Matthew Brown and one other guy were arrested for human trafficking for pimping out three girls aged 14, 16 and 17,  picking them up on North Avenue and taking them to a motel in Woodlawn. And holy shit does MB have the worst tattoo of all time. Is it an homage to dad's inititals? Brown calls the arrest "devastating."...  So, how many sons does Warren Brown have? At least one other, whose mom, Brown's ex-wife Donna, was murdered in Oct 2008.  In 2007 a man was shot in a car that crashed into Warren Brown's pool.

Two men allegedly of the "Up Da Hill" gang were indicted for six murders.*

Neworb Brown
Shit you would not believe if it was on a TV show: a Middle River/NY 38-year-old HarfCo blind crack kingpin* named Neworb Brown arrested with his presumably his not-blind and cash-counting twin brother Srewob and 17 others. He conducted business by getting others to drive him around, but was electronically surveilled anyway. So are the twins' names anagrams? Theories?

Appendix A: the Khaki-pants bandit
They caught the khaki-pants bandit, wanted for *50* robberies in the city.

"An ACLU report said that 109 people in Maryland died after police encounters between 2010 and 2014."

Egqueeze me? Bill Cosby is appearing at the Modell theater in Baltimore Friday, plenty of good seats still available for a mere $81.60 per. How many accusers is he up to now? HOLY FUCK 37!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pull back the curtain on the cesspool!

JoAnn Woodson-Branche, the woman the BPD is blaming for the demise of 50 internal-affairs cases, has retained local celebujurist Warren Brown & is threatening to reveal the "cesspool" that is BPD internal affairs.
Well, of course it's a cesspool, it's apparently accountable only to itself!
Don't most cities have review boards that deal with police conduct?