Saturday, August 25, 2007

Warren Brown's Pool Filled With Victim's Blood!

A man who was shot in a robbery attempt drove through a concrete wall in his SUV and plunged into Warren A. Brown's swimming pool, where the victim bled to death!

The teen who was shot last Thursday in front of his home on Riggs Avenue was id'd as Ishmael Cooper, 15.

Sean Smith, 28, was arrested in the horrid hamlet of Stamford, Conn for the August 11 murder of Samuel Horne in Edgewood.

"Wire" news: As the show is set to finish its last week of shooting ever, brother of "The Wire" actor Ralph Anwan Glover, Tayon Glover, 29, was shot to death in DC. Ralph himself has also been shot 13 times. In better news, Lance Reddick (Col. Cedric Daniels) landed a role on ABC's "Lost."


jaimetab said...

Obviously, the cynical a**holes including O'malley, the Sun newspaper and a lot of other behind the scenes sleazeballs that together are anointing Dixon KNOW that things will just get worse, but don't care how many are raped or killed or beaten because they personally will not be affected, and they will continue to wield power and make lots of money. If Dixon is installed as Mayor you will see a mass exodus of any households that earns over $50,000 a year, to Baltimore County, Carroll County, etc. Then Balt City will just raise property taxes again, create more useless benefits districts, gouge people for auto violations and other fines. This cycle will continue until it gets so bad that even O'Malley will be embarrassed and start worrying if his national political aspirations are still viable. The city will then be forced into some form of Federal or State control. Too bad someone decent couldn't get elected this time.

John Galt said...

Nah, the federal/state control never really happens, except for the schools issue, because once the local politicians re-ruin Baltimore, its prospects in anything other than a housing bubble are so dim on fundamentals that no higher-level politicians wish to hitch their ride on that falling star.

Just wait till the cumulative unfunded pension liability hits the books here. This dump is busted. Right around the time the superior Hampton Roads Convention Hotel puts the city-owned Baltimore Convention Center & Hotel into the red to the tune of -$300,000,000.

O'Malley: "Baltimore? What's that ??"

John Galt said...

In an interview with WBAL, Warren Brown stated that the violence in Baltimore is so out of control and reminiscent of the Wild West that he's now decided to move out of the city.

People, take that as wakeup call coming from him as it is.

taotechuck said...

He said he knows there is irony in a criminal defense attorney being driven out of the city because of crime.

"Many of these people are not deserving of my reputation," Brown said. "There are bigger issues at play. When I'm defending them, I'm defending the Constitution."

No, Warren, all you're doing is defending them, and you're making a good living in the process. Don't let your theoretical justifications blind you to the fact that you are making the problems in this city worse.

Maurice Bradbury said...

well somebody's gotta do it, this being 'merica and all.

ppatin said...

Yeah, but they don't have to do it in the sleazy, unethical way that Warren Brown does. Right to a fair trial doesn't mean you have a right to a race-baiting attorney.

ppatin said...

Someone was arrested right by my house late last night, and now I'm curious what for. One of the cops who arrested him was in plainclothes and wearing a tie, the tie seemed a bit unusual.

taotechuck said...

You're right, someone does have to do it. But that doesn't mean we have to like or celebrate the fact that they do it, and it certainly doesn't mean we have to make them wealthy. Someone has to pick up the garbage and throw it in a big green truck, but I don't see them having 9' deep swimming pools in Ashburton.