Monday, August 20, 2007

Culture Corner

They've scheduled the Real-Deal Live Mayoral debate for Monday August 27, at 7 p.m., featuring all eight candidates AND Jayne Miller on live TV!
Anyone on the internets know of a bar in Baltimore city that has a big screen that's not always tuned to sports, some kind of parking & doesn't smell bad for the Mayoral Debate drinking game?

Tickets are now on sale for "Corpus: Stories about the Body," the premiere Stoop Storytelling Series show at CENTERSTAGE (yes that's how they write it, CENTERSTAGE) on Monday, September 24. Seven storytellers get seven minutes each to tell true, personal tales about the glories, guts, and gross-outs of the human form, and the Storytellers for this episode include Dana Kollmann, forensic scientist and former Baltimore
County Police CSI, Walter Lomax, "wrongfully convicted murderer freed after 39 years,"* and Anna Ditkoff, aka the Best Crime Reporter in Baltimore (according to you guys**).
* This is what the press release says, but the SA's office refutes:
"Despite previous media reports, Lomax was not “wrongfully convicted” his sentence was not “overturned” and he was NOT exonerated of this crime. His guilty conviction stands. On December 13, 2006 Judge Rasin modified the original lawful sentence of life in prison and re-imposed a life sentence and suspended all but time served. Lomax received a guilty verdict for the 1967 murder of Robert Brewer, 56. Judge Rasin MODIFIED the original sentence to time served."
** ...speaking of polls, here's one I made but never got around to posting from a while back, "What Should Matt Jablow Do Next?"

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10 years later and he’s free and doing well. All praises die to Allah