Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baltimore's crime on CNN

Here's the CNN "Baltimore" video (baltimore.crime.affl) Cybrarian blogged about yesterday from Hotlanta. Warning: you need Adobe Flash Player 8 (or higher) to view.

(Sorry, embedding doesn't seem to be an option).


John Galt said...

Given the basis of the appeal in the McAbier firebombing cases, should we be bypassing the BCPD and contacting the DEA anyhow ??

I'd kinda like to get the feds into Baltimore in a bigger way, because the locals just aren't T.C.O.B..

Unknown said...

I like the "Girls Rule!" book or whatever the hell it is on the Mayor's desk. Definitely professional.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Ha! In her case it's literally true!

Anonymous said...

The Feds actually seem to make their sentences stick. Another thing: I think the only way to stem the tide of organized crime (read: Bloods, MS13, etc.) in MD is with the Feds' cooperation.