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Monday, July 22, 2013

Party at the laundromat

Homicide in the 1700 block of N. Bond
Breyon Cason

Breyon Cason, 22, was charged as an accessory to the murder of one-year-old Carter Scott*, and for falsely reporting her car was stolen.

Man shot multiple times in the NW*

Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters* :(

Correction: Patterson Park beating of Hispanic man not for Trayvon.

meanwhile local wacktivists be infighting

Akim Austin
Man with chinstrap beard arrested for a handgun violation

Police say a fire that killed two at 847 Park Avenue in Midtown was intentionally set*

Latest Liquor Board hijinx: a license granted to a laundromat

The Paschall family crime ring dealt opiates at Jessup and "used a forklift at Crazy Ray's junkyard in Baltimore to stack up cars next to a balcony at the business... then climbed up the pile and stole a safe"

A robber with a brick took $21 in Abell
Michael Myers

In HarfCo, man named Michael Myers, hair feathered like the wings of a magnificent bird, got drunk, stole a tractor and a snowblower and led police on a thrilling chase. Speaking of HarfCo, the man accused of fracturing the skull of Matthew Fortese at Camden Yards are due in court today.

Woman stole a wallet from a victim in a wheelchair, "Party" is a verb at the Patch

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roasting, cleaving, voluntarying

Where are all the city's illegal guns coming from? With only five officers on the gun task force and all them federal pro-gun laws it's all anybody's guess. Check out this 4-time gun convict's hand cannon, recovered at a house also operating a daycare.

A city detective, Shane Volk, was killed when he crashed his Jeep in Glen Arm.

Michael "Blizz" Singer
 The tattoo-faced murder accessory who looks 65, left, is a 35-year-old local rapper who goes by "Blizz.* His wife Shelbie is accused of stabbing to death one John Bowman, 22, in Arbutus.

Police think one 16-year-old is responsible for 25 burglaries in Canton.

Tragic: Sharon Mulcahy, the woman whose dogs roasted in a motel parking lot for 20 hours, died soon after she was released from Central Booking. The family alleges the jail failed to give her proper medical attention.

City Paper: Baltimore is "famous for crime, and yet, when it comes to arson, this is the best we can do?" Uhm, I think the city actually does pretty okay on that front.

Hey, that abortion-sign bill is still breathing,* and the Sun actually has me convinced it's a good idea. If Wisconsin can make doctors rape women with a probe and Texas and North Carolina can get thisclose to shutting down every family planning clinic in the state, the phony baloney clinics can suck up posting a piece of paper with facts on it.

Speaking of intrusions, a federal judge has allowed EFF's case against the NSA to go ahead (thanks Scan Baltimore). And good piece in the Economist about our newly revealed secret Supreme Court.

Media Blabber: the Tribune is cleaving off its newspaper biz from its TV-station biz, and is apparently not yet scrapping the idea of selling the publishing piece to a rogues' gallery of shoppers that include Charles and David Koch, a group of libertarian 'voluntaryists' and an alleged Chinese spy's ex-husband.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roland Park Car Fire

Reports SpotCrime,
On Tuesday night, November 16, at 11:45 PM persons unknown set ablaze a stolen car in the 200 block of Oakdale.  Some form of incendiary was apparently used as the car was engulfed in a ball of orange flame and then began to roll downhill.  The crew of Baltimore Fire Department Engine 44 were on the scene within 2 minutes of the 911 call, and quickly doused the flames before anyone was hurt or further property damage was inflicted.