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Monday, November 18, 2013

¿dónde está el plan?

A bloody weekend:* a murder yesterday in the 1300 block of Longwood (who Cham ID's as Kennard Buckner, a forklift operator) ; Devon Bultler, 26, was killed near Ramsay and South Calhoun Streets and an unidentified 47-year-old man was also shot in the torso during the same incident, the current toll is 210. 

The man shot in the 900 block of Watson Street (near the shot tower) was ID'd as Raymond Gordon, 31.*

With the homicide rate spiking, and seven months after the BPD paid some Massachusetts consulting firm $285k to come up with a plan in 90 days to "revamp" the department, Jack Young is all like, hey Batts, Where's the plan?* And Batts is all like, stop pressuring me! And Young is like, you'd best get in here and answer some questions, and Batts is like, look, it's Baltimore, everything moves slow, and the Sun is like, Batts has a Master's degree, can't he think up a plan on his own? And then Robert Cherry is all like, Hey! Look! The police union has a plan! It's based on our real-real Baltimore policing experience and you all can have it for free! and everyone is like, lalalalala, we can't hyearrr you!

Have you seen this guy who robbed the Subway sandwich shop* in the 4600 block of W. Northern Parkway?
Vroom vroom, bitchez! The city's speed cameras have officially been "mothballed,"* with the city attempting to cut ties with the contractor Brekford. No comment from Brekford though their stock is like [sad tuba sound effect].

A "non-affiliate" was robbed of a messenger bag near JHU.

No way, two more Towson University students were robbed, this time on the 1300 block of Hillsway court and at gunpoint. I thought they caught those dudes, but apparently not, or there's more now.

Speaking of the county, fuck you Scott Jacobson. I'm glad the iPad you bought in a gas station parking lot was fake. Because if it was real, then it would be stolen from some poor slob. Dear reader, if some twat approaches you in a parking lot with some too-cheap something, call the fucking police! It bears repeating, if you have stuff like iPads, laptops, etc, get yourself a cheap little carbide etching pen, skritch your name or phone number or your house sigil on it. That won't keep it from getting stolen, but at least it will slow down Dicky McParkinglot and will help you identify it if it is recovered.

And a feel-good crime story: a Homeland woman's bikes getting stolen helped her find her missing African spur tortoise, Tortley. Tortley is now snuggled in warm hay, "alert and surprised."
I don't get it.

Wired: how operation "Marco Polo" took down the Silk Road (Marco Polo? Get it? Get it?)

Speaking of the Silk Road, here's a mildly interesting story that explains why opium smoking went out of style and heroin moved in.

Something I just heard about for the first time from an infographic next to New York Magazine's abortion cover story: the allegation that sometime between 2012 and now Maryland passed a law that limits insurance coverage for abortions. An August 2013 chart from the National Women's Law Center seems to show this is not the case and even the right-to-lifers, generally on top of this stuff like Chris Christie on a ham sandwich, don't seem to know anything about it. So an NYMag mistake, or is there something to this? Also in NYMag: Sheila Dixon, "Rap-Sheet Mayor."

Also in "women's law"-- the story of a PA judge who ordered a mom to stop breastfeeding so her ex-husband could have overnights with the baby leads to the tidbit that only Maine has a law that compels family court judges to take breastfeeding status into account when determining custody. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roasting, cleaving, voluntarying

Where are all the city's illegal guns coming from? With only five officers on the gun task force and all them federal pro-gun laws it's all anybody's guess. Check out this 4-time gun convict's hand cannon, recovered at a house also operating a daycare.

A city detective, Shane Volk, was killed when he crashed his Jeep in Glen Arm.

Michael "Blizz" Singer
 The tattoo-faced murder accessory who looks 65, left, is a 35-year-old local rapper who goes by "Blizz.* His wife Shelbie is accused of stabbing to death one John Bowman, 22, in Arbutus.

Police think one 16-year-old is responsible for 25 burglaries in Canton.

Tragic: Sharon Mulcahy, the woman whose dogs roasted in a motel parking lot for 20 hours, died soon after she was released from Central Booking. The family alleges the jail failed to give her proper medical attention.

City Paper: Baltimore is "famous for crime, and yet, when it comes to arson, this is the best we can do?" Uhm, I think the city actually does pretty okay on that front.

Hey, that abortion-sign bill is still breathing,* and the Sun actually has me convinced it's a good idea. If Wisconsin can make doctors rape women with a probe and Texas and North Carolina can get thisclose to shutting down every family planning clinic in the state, the phony baloney clinics can suck up posting a piece of paper with facts on it.

Speaking of intrusions, a federal judge has allowed EFF's case against the NSA to go ahead (thanks Scan Baltimore). And good piece in the Economist about our newly revealed secret Supreme Court.

Media Blabber: the Tribune is cleaving off its newspaper biz from its TV-station biz, and is apparently not yet scrapping the idea of selling the publishing piece to a rogues' gallery of shoppers that include Charles and David Koch, a group of libertarian 'voluntaryists' and an alleged Chinese spy's ex-husband.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

No tasks, no force

Legitimate rape on N. Calvert St. in Mt. Vernon, bootleg-looking camera photos released*

A dog walker robbed and stabbed and a whole lot of punching in the Southeast

Morgan State U lawyers are trying to get dropped the lawsuit* from Alexander Kinyua's victim, Joshua Caesar, guy who was beaten and blinded when the skitzy cannibal attacked him with a barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat. In other news of responsibility-denying universities, records released by the University of Maryland show their decades-long efforts to cover up/avoid doing anything about the pervy molestations of swim coach Rick Curl.*

Irresponsible Pop-Tart owner Josh Welch got a lifetime membership in the NRA.

Down in MoCo, LeRoy Carhart's Germantown abortion clinic was found not responsible for the death of Jennifer Morbelli and determined that her death was from natural causes. Oh great, disseminated intravascular coagulation, another new, rare, horrible affliction for pregnant women to freak out about. Anyway, the medical examiner's finding naturally makes not one whit of difference to anti-family-planning activist groups.

One Larry Michael Parrish admitted to running a Ponzi scheme in which $9.2 million of investors' money was squirreled away in the Bahamas and Nevis.

How I love a Page Croyder rant-- today's deserving topic is O'Malley's 'Task Force.' 

And who can resist Honkytimes Heimbach squaring off with Shorty Davis? Not Vice magazine!

Santini's Restauarant in Joppa lost its liquor license after a 14-year-old held a booze-soaked fete* on the premises.

More speed cameras in the county-- and are the city's back on or still off? ...  consider downloading the app called Waze-- it's a free talking navigation system that also alerts you to the presence of cameras (though its routes can be a little wacky).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Praise God who has not made me a woman'

There were also two unrelated nonfatal shootings last night.

SHOOTING: 500 blk of E 38TH St. Northern District. Time: 10:26am. Adult male reported shot. Detectives investigating.

Case updates and last week's murder are chronicled in the Ink.

Blagh! Blargh! Blergh! Bleck! New details are emerging about the deceased pervy Hopkins gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy, and gird ya loins girlfriends, because they are foul. The Sun is reporting that he used a hidden spy camera inside a pen* (like this one) and multiple other recording devices planted around the room. WJZ is strongly suggesting in a weasel-words sort of way that he posted the recordings to the Internet, and that some videos were of underage girls. "Investigators have growing concerns and are checking to see if Dr. Levy may have recorded underage patients ... WJZ has learned gynecology fetish porn is all over the Internet." I'll just take your word for that, there, Mike Schuh. The Deuce reports one mom saved her daughter when her perv alarm went off: "That's a little weird, never seen a doctor so eager." Can Hopkins be held liable for his actions? Considering he had more than 1000 patients, local attorneys are salivating at the possibility and are eager to give press quotes to anyone who'll listen.  (I wonder how he was found out. Did someone borrow his pen?)

Remember when a 13-year-old girl was dragged into a vacant house and raped on N. Caroline Street? Her attacker, Alvin Ray Wright Sr., was convicted based on DNA evidence and faces life in prison,* WBAL reports six life terms.  Which probably means he'll get 15 years, amirite? We'll find out May 15.

Oo, another delicious Van Smith feature: the life and times of local cocaine dealer Richie Rich (nee Richard Anthony Wilford), who may be set free because of the illegal use of warrantless "slap on" GPS devices to track his dealings. That Tom Chalkey illustration gets A+ (and probably a peevish letter from Harvey Comics).

Out in Frederick County, WTF and outrage after a man with Down syndrome died while police tried to remove him from a movie theater.

Down in Germantown anti-family-planning protestors are making hay after a 29-year-old woman died from a late-term abortion early this month. The deceased was a Catholic and her child was apparently much wanted, but found to have serious abnormalities. How activists got her name, photos and personal medical information is a mystery.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

128, 129

Two men, possibly brothers, shot to death on the 600 block of Linnard St.* in the SW last night. Reports Fenton, "officers were first called to the 600 block of Linnard St. about 9 p.m. for reports of shots fired but did not find anything suspicious. Later, around midnight, officers received a call from a man who said he was inside a home where people had been shot. When police arrived, the caller was gone and officers found the victims inside."

There's a surprise-- the 4th circuit is granting a new hearing on the "Crisis Pregnancy Center" ruling, voiding the decision in June that struck down the ordinance.

Accused killer cannibal Alex Kinyua has been judged so hypermegacraycray he can't even stand trial. And check out the nutty writings on his FB page -- shiz so bananas Frank Conaway Jr. could have written it.

147 years for 50(!)-year-old Aaron Graham, who went on a robbery spree of five businesses with the help of his 49-year-old getaway driver in February last year. Fast-food peons were pistol-whipped, various clerks were in threat of their lives and $1,163.53 was absconded with, but a quick-thinking employee of a shop on West Franklin Street took a video of Graham's getaway car; so ends this sorry tale.

And 27 years for Curtis Allen Thomas, who robbed Nephew's Pizza and has eight previous armed robbery convictions.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'I think he had braids'

Jeezum crow, a 17-year-old high school student killed Monday night , Devearl Singletary, was the second kid from his school to be murdered this month. And two more murders: in Broadway East (a rare picture of a victim's feet sticking out of a sheet) and 20-year-old Kevin Pierre was shot to death in the 200 block of Belnord Ave.

The Ink covers last week's two murders, Anton Ingram and Marcius Perkins, plus case updates.

Two guys shot last night in the 6200 block of Carbore Way in the SE.

14 years for a guy who robbed Baltimore banks with a fake bomb

The woman who tossed Pine-Sol and bleach at her romantic rival at a Walmart has an unlikely ally: her babydaddy's daddy. "I’m not going to defend my son when he’s wrong. He’s wrong," Fred Culp told the jz.

Jury selection begins today in the civil suit brought by the parents of Philip Parker Jr., an inmate strangled on a prison bus; meanwhile Judge Sylvester Cox is considering letting jurors tour the bus in a darkened garage.

A writer's house was shot at in Woodberry, and he and the wife are thoroughly annoyed that took a half-hour for police to get to the scene.

A $490k fine for a MD telemarketer
who broke Mississippi's no-call laws

Oops! Lawyer for St. Joe's stent patients loses their medical records on the Light Rail

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear arguments in a case in which a UMBC pro-life student group claims its free speech was inhibited by having to relocate a graphic anti-abortion display. Meanwhile, Congress is preparing to debate the "Embryos Before Hos" bill.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Homicide 223 of 2010 was a "49-year-old man ... found dead Friday morning of a gunshot wound to the head in the area of Montford and McElderry streets in Southeast Baltimore"

A 16-year-old North Carolina girl visiting family in town went missing Tuesday and hasn't been seen since

Dennis Edwards, former WJZ reporter and spokesman for "Prez Jack" Young arrested for second-degree assault and reckless endangerment Wednesday

Someone claiming to be the cousin of a man shot and killed while attempting to rob the Laurel Dunkin Donuts claims his/her cousin wasn't armed or robbing the store and says "THE GUY KILLED MY COUSIN, HE MESSED WITH THE WRONG FAMILY......"

after the deeply skeevy case of roving abortionistas Steven C. Brigham, 88-year-old George Shepard Jr., and Nicola I. Riley, lawmakers want to require abortions only be performed at licensed surgical clinics

Deep symbolism alert: in 2009 Bealefeld spent New Year's personally arresting two gun-toting yahoos, last night he and Bernstein pushed a broken-down car out of an intersection.

... scroll down for full list of 2010 homicides-- thank you TAB for compiling these.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 19

New precedent: the Supreme Court upholds the 2003 Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. Quote of the day: "I wish I was a girl so I could get an abortion!" --John Waters, 101 Things I Hate

A man's body was found in a marshy area of Westport in the Southern yesterday. His death has been ruled suspicious. Over in the Southwestern, the bodies of a man and woman that were found on March 29 in a Normount Ave. rowhouse have been identified as Philip Hines and Dontrelle Nesmith. Their deaths have also been deemed "suspicious."

Life + 20 for Party Shooter
Tuesday Judge M. Brooke Murdock sentenced Ricardo Watson, 35, of the 1000 block of East Hoffman Street to life in prison for murder and a consecutive 20-year prison term for a handgun count. A Baltimore City Jury convicted Watson February 13, 2007 of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. On March 25, 2006 Watson and the victim, Darren Green, 21, were attending a party at a house in the 1200 block of Maple Leaf Court in the Oldtown neighborhood. Watson shot Green eight times at point-blank range in the torso.

Kevin Klink was indicted yesterday on murder charges for the death of Robert Brazell. Klink also faces riot charges related to the fight at Mount Hebron High School in Ellicott City.
richard david morris
Perv du jour: 24-year-old Richard David Morris, a registered sex offender, almost succeeded in his plans to take three 8-year-old boys on a vacation to Florida.