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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Co for Hoes

A road-rage murder on Erdman Ave,* the victim, homicide victim #68, was ID'd as Leon Cannady, age 26.*

Alleged child rapist John Merzbacher is petitioning SCOTUS to intervene in his case.* I'm sure they're all like, yeah, we'll get right on that. (Hey, Tricia Bishop's back!)

Sentencing scheduled for today for Policarpio Espinoza Perez.

Polygraphs for prison guards*? Aren't polygraphs admissible nowhere? Paging Byron Warnken! And is it just me, or is this prison scandal really only a scandal because of the four pregnant guards*? Four years ago we had a very similar scandal, with 24 indicted and tales of kitchen whoring, smuggled salmon, and oh yeah, cell phones. Lamentations were uttered, but it never made national news, I don't think. What I wonder: how do they know that these babies are all Bulldog's?

Report: city cocaine prices hit a high of $40k a kilo* last December.

The DOJ would like you to know that they are prosecuting the fuck out of some counterfeit-goods cases.

Anti-Semetic pamphlets in Timonium, a robbed Dunkin Donuts, a man kidnapped in Elkridge in the Patch blotter.

A man shot in the abdomen on Bonsal Ave*

A suspiciously dead body in a pool in the county*
Zeeshan Siddiqui

The G&M crab cake store was robbed. A guy was also stabbed to death there in 2007.

Eleven arrested in HoCo for running a HoCo, including the swarthy, squnity pimp at left.

Really? The circuit court is going to hear George Hughely's appeals (though only on a few small points).

Meanwhile in PGC, a teen allegedly set his house on fire because he was allegedly pissed at his family. Then he waited on the burning roof for the FD.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Praise God who has not made me a woman'

There were also two unrelated nonfatal shootings last night.

SHOOTING: 500 blk of E 38TH St. Northern District. Time: 10:26am. Adult male reported shot. Detectives investigating.

Case updates and last week's murder are chronicled in the Ink.

Blagh! Blargh! Blergh! Bleck! New details are emerging about the deceased pervy Hopkins gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy, and gird ya loins girlfriends, because they are foul. The Sun is reporting that he used a hidden spy camera inside a pen* (like this one) and multiple other recording devices planted around the room. WJZ is strongly suggesting in a weasel-words sort of way that he posted the recordings to the Internet, and that some videos were of underage girls. "Investigators have growing concerns and are checking to see if Dr. Levy may have recorded underage patients ... WJZ has learned gynecology fetish porn is all over the Internet." I'll just take your word for that, there, Mike Schuh. The Deuce reports one mom saved her daughter when her perv alarm went off: "That's a little weird, never seen a doctor so eager." Can Hopkins be held liable for his actions? Considering he had more than 1000 patients, local attorneys are salivating at the possibility and are eager to give press quotes to anyone who'll listen.  (I wonder how he was found out. Did someone borrow his pen?)

Remember when a 13-year-old girl was dragged into a vacant house and raped on N. Caroline Street? Her attacker, Alvin Ray Wright Sr., was convicted based on DNA evidence and faces life in prison,* WBAL reports six life terms.  Which probably means he'll get 15 years, amirite? We'll find out May 15.

Oo, another delicious Van Smith feature: the life and times of local cocaine dealer Richie Rich (nee Richard Anthony Wilford), who may be set free because of the illegal use of warrantless "slap on" GPS devices to track his dealings. That Tom Chalkey illustration gets A+ (and probably a peevish letter from Harvey Comics).

Out in Frederick County, WTF and outrage after a man with Down syndrome died while police tried to remove him from a movie theater.

Down in Germantown anti-family-planning protestors are making hay after a 29-year-old woman died from a late-term abortion early this month. The deceased was a Catholic and her child was apparently much wanted, but found to have serious abnormalities. How activists got her name, photos and personal medical information is a mystery.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Speedbumps on the white line highway

The guy who tried to bring 13 pounds of coca into Baltimore on a chartered jet got almost 22 years in the big house

... yet Shawn Green, a fugitive convicted of conspiracy to distribute 330 pounds of the same and also implicated in a mortgage-fraud scheme, got 12 years. It pays to plead guilty!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

May 5

The two Sudbrook Middle School wannabe-bomber girls are being detained until their trials start. The order came despite compelling statements by their attorneys like, "As you can see, this child is not a danger to anyone."

Ernest Harris Jr. was found not guilty for the 1984 murder of his neighbor, Arden Shirley Epps. The defense claims there were multiple leads that the police failed to pursue, including witness testimony and a person being caught with a gun that belonged to the victim.

A jury rejected Marshall Adams' self-defense claim and convicted him of first-degree murder, despite Adams' claim that he "only stabbed {Leo Morris) seven times."

Coke dealer Nigel Humphrey John Baptiste was sentenced to 25 years yesterday.

"Career criminal" Timothy Dwight Cornwell got 15.5 years for possession of a gun, which he tried to hide in a house's mail slot.

Snow cone stand sex offender Kenneth Barnes was arrested yesterday at his home.

Lots of women were fighting each other this week.

Hey, President Stephanie: If you ever want to be mayor, you should probably stop hiring staffers who try to beat up former Ravens.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


The Public Defender's Innocence Project has taken over the case of Sgt. James Kulbicki, who has been in jail for 14 years for the murder of his babymom.

Kenneth Mahai, 28, of the 2800 block of Galuline Way was indicted on first-degree murder and other counts. Court documents allege on October 25, 2005, Jermaine Morrison, 24, was found with multiple stab wounds in the 1700 block of Malvern Street. The defendant was identified [by someone?] through photo arrays. Morrison died as a result of his injuries at Hopkins Bayview Hospital. An arraignment is scheduled for May 9, 2007 before Judge Martin P. Welch, Room 228, Courthouse East.

Alusine KamaraThe Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Michael Ellerbe, 24, of the 2500 block of Marbourne Avenue, on first-degree murder and other counts. Court documents allege on February 11, 2007, a triple shooting occurred in the 1800 block of West Baltimore Street. The first victim, Alusine Kamara, at left, was fatally shot and was the 33rd murder victim recorded in the city so far this year.

mungobywbalPolice have issued a report about the arrest of Gerard Mungo Jr., age 7. But according to the link there at WBAL, it's only one page long. Says the page, among other things, "The issue in this matter is not whether the arrest itself was legal in the eyes of the law. Operating a dirt bike in Baltimore City is illegal pursuant to Baltimore's Public Local Law, and arresting juveniles seven years old and older is authorized by State law." ... wasn't the point that Mungo was sitting on and not operating said bike?

Dropping by North County High School in drag to visit Sierra Monet Anderson was a bad move for attempted-murder and kidnapping suspect Antonio Moore, who was arrested today on Holbrook Street.

Yes indeed, A $12K raise (8 percent) for Hamm.

Yet another (alleged) attempted insurance-company-grifting cop in the city! Michael Nelson and his wife Tierra are charged with faking a car theft and accident. It says a warrant has been issued, which must mean he's at large. Never ef with an insurance company!

WTF?! A Gaithersburg man, Larry D. Moore, called his child's elementary school and made threats involving VA Tech after being told the school wouldn't keep his kid indoors for recess.

cokeCustoms agents have seized 300 pounds of cocaine from the ship Alianca Shanghai, which "which originate in Ecuador and was on its way to New York."

Not Baltimore, but surely a national lowpoint in child custody... Alec Baldwin leaves a fucktified message for his ten-year-old daughter Ireland at his ex Kim's house, calling her a "little pig." We know some of you hate it when tabloid news gets passed along here. But imagine someone who's kind-of-famous saying these things knowing someone could tape it... what must happen in private to the not famous?!