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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mosby Defeats Bernstein!

Anthony Brown, the man who misplaced $90 million, secured the gubernatorial nomination, and Heather Mizeur walked down a long hall. The sitting judges kept their seats, for now. Brian Frosh beat Mr. Boat Proposal. And in an upset that few-- least of all the incumbent-- saw coming, Marilyn Mosby beat State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein, with 1/4th of the cash and zero management experience. What the heck happened? As the Brew opines, Mosby's path was actually pretty similar to Bernstein's: take on an over-confident incumbent, seize on the outrageous stories that pique interest, rack up endorsements, sympathize with victims eye-to-eye. I wonder if Jayne Miller's girlfriend will get her job back now?

Speaking of criminals, the two who were running-- Don "Delegate Drinky Dranky" and Julius Henson, both lost.

Two were arrested for the shooting on Monastery (I think they mean 6/22)-

Ashani John Salmon
A very short man named Ashani John Salmon is sought in connection with the shooting at Peju's Kitchen and Lounge in Gwynn Oak, call police if you see him.

Police are looking for whomever assaulted Kyndyl Fauntleroy as he left the Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge on Light Street this past Sunday.
Nicholas Ishmael

A police cadet, one Nicholas Ishmael, aged 20, has been charged with stealing hillbilly heroin from the county evidence vault. And stealing cash. Two of his cousins also face drug charges. Tsk!

Depressing: 62 percent of SWAT raids are ISO drugs, and 36 percent of raids recover no contraband of any kind.

Well, that's nice, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled today that police can't search the cellphones of people they arrest without a warrant.

Big pimpin leads to big arrestin. Five alleged pimps were arrested yesterday, one in Baltimore county and four in PGC. Oh, and they were pimping children.

One Derrick James Jackson was arrested in the county for brandishing a gun* during a road rage incident on 695. So, wonder what happened to the New Jersey cop road-rager Detective Joseph Walker? Haven't heard anything about that case since February.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rats and Men

So is this why robberies are down? A 16-year-old was robbed, and police refused to take a report unless his mother let him be taken to the station.* Notes the head of a social enterprise, "Often the neighborhoods that you live in determine the style of policing that you will get. If their house was broken into in Roland Park, they wouldn't have to go to the closest precinct. They're not going to prolong the trauma, make them stop what they're doing. It would be filed right then and there."

Two people were stabbed at a 7-11 in the 1300 block of Taylor Avenue in Towson (which is the 7-11 attached to a Subway that's in the parking lot of the Lowes at Taylor and Hillsway).

A 70-year-old woman was robbed in South Baltimore, police have released a video.*

And TMZ released a video that shows Ray Race dragging his finacee's unconscious body in Atlantic City.

"A key witness in a case against two Baltimore City police officers is the target of an incident involving a dead rat left on the windshield of his car." The rat recipient was Officer Crystal, who testified against the now-convicted officers who beat a burglary suspect.

Former Sun columnist Gregory Kane has died at 62.* Pointed and loath to suffer fools, he was a piquant counterpoint to Dan Rodricks' lugubrious laments back in the days where newspapers were mostly perused on pulp. The Sun proffers a hollow lament to their laid-off columnist's passing, but his columns in the Sun archives* are slim pickings-- where is the one where he imagined what Michael Phelps' bong might say? or the one about Dante Parrish (freed by the Innocence Project, went on to murder fey little teen Jason Mattison) or the one about That One Lady on The Jury Who Won't Convict a Black Man, or the one where he uses the term "brobdingnagian"? I suppose we'll have to make do with the one where he pronounces then-mayor  O'Malley unsmart yet not a racist for his "potty-mouth invective"* aimed at Pat Jessamy.
     After his move to the Examiner he seems happier and mellower, writing about movies and Christmas even as cancer put him in "excruciating and agonizing pain." You can see his conservatism taking a modern turn, adopting the name-calling so favored by the right ("Libthink,") calling BS on Amiri Baraka, Oprah and A&E, but still not willing to be totally co-opted by the right's talking points and remaining "soured" on the "War on Drugs."
   Anyway, we've lost a great mind today-- probably no one always agreed with him, but he always made his points with panache, a love of language and a deep and no doubt hard-won understanding of Baltimore life. He won a Pulitzer, too, for his articles about Sudan.*

There is justice, MD says Julius Henson's state senate campaign violates his probation.*

But not for poor defendants: Doug Gansler has asked the court to throw out their ruling that they're entitled to an attorney* at bail hearings.

From Wilmslow Road in Evergreen (aka the slums of Roland Park)--
At approximately 4:00 pm I arrived home and went upstairs briefly in preparation to run some errands.  I heard a strange noise and heavy footsteps downstairs only to find a man in a black coat in our kitchen attempting to steal one of our cats.  (I learned this evening that cats are target for thieves who use them to train pit bulls for dogfighting).  Fortunately, the man grabbed the larger cat who, although completely sweet natured, is armed with a good set of claws.  The man yelled out and the cat escaped out the door.  I ran after the man who pleaded total innocence but decided to chase after my pet rather than detain him.  He swiftly turned the corner heading west on Cold Spring and from a distance I could here him bizarrely saying out loud, "Here kitty, kitty..."  About 30 minutes later I was able to retrieve my terrified cat and bring him back in after a frantic search.  There are two lessons here for us: first, ALWAYS lock your door behind you, even if you're only going to be home a few minutes and second, be mindful of your cats.  They are targets.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mexicans, queens, liquor and statistics

Fenton does math so we don't have to:*
Homicide clearance rate of 2013: 50.2.
Percentage of victims with criminal records: 86.4
Percentage of alleged perps with criminal records: 86
Deadliest neighborhood: Belair-Edison*
Percentage of victims who were shot who died of their wounds: 31.7
Percentage of dead victims shot in the head: 55

Our famous dine-n-dasher, Andrew Palmer, was arrested yet again* after running up a $50 tab for vittles and libations. What restaurant manager on the planet hasn't heard tell of this guy? The one stuck working the New Year's day at the Kona Grill Inner Harbor, apparently.

Somebody robbed the Towson Starbucks at York & Burke at around 6 a.m., and on Dec. 29th somebody robbed the Starbucks in the strip mall near the Giant* on York Rd. (BTW, while the County police chief was on TV crowing about their low murder rate, he noted that they had linked the robberies around Towson University to three different groups).

The chair of Baltimore's chapter of the NAACP is not impressed* with Batt's "everyday people" quip.

No es bueno: Curt Anderson was caught on tape remarking on how there's an "amazing" number of "Mexicans" working on building contracts. You should know, Curt Anderson, a diversity of South Americans are being exploited on our local building sites.

Torrey Smith is in agua caliente for calling some dude in pink socks a "queen."

Julius Henson still breathing, opposes Berea liquor license transfer

The Brew compiled a tidy year-end summary of last year's fuckery

Feel-good story: Glen Burnie woman scares off muggers by screaming and freaking out.

Slumlord shamer Carol Ott reports "I am being represented by Peter Keith, Esq. of Gallagher Evelius & Jones, LLP."

Monday, July 29, 2013

a very important work of art

Four guys arrested on N. Calvert Street for stabbing 22-year-old Jerod Andre Gilmore to death on N. Calvert and E. Baltimore Streets* on Friday, an event police watched live on city crime cameras. Gilmore's death was the city's 135 homicide of 2013. Notably, none of the four arrested have adult or juvenile criminal records, but Gilmore had more than a couple of arrests to his name, including for assault, armed robbery, illegal guns and drugs. 

One Troy Keene arrested for a murder in the 900 block of Bennett Place last Tuesday.
Law violated
 by panel
A state panel found that the city violated the law* by holding secret meetings on the Harbor Point deal-- but that finding doesn't change a thing. Can we please stop calling it a $107 million project? The city is borrowing $107 million, but interest on the loan will be $174 million and tax breaks will be $113 million, so let's call it what it is, a $394 million deal. And have we mentioned that Excelon's merger requires them to build in the city no matter what? ... Help a friend steal $394, go to jail. Help your friend steal $394 million, pose your boob flab in a cocktail dress for the Sun magazine.*

Dayum, Sun-- at least eight staffers have left recently, including AAC crime and courts reporter Andrea Siegel, impish entertainment scribe Sam Sessa, and apparently whoever airbrushes the boob flab out of the vanity pieces in the magazine. How much thinner can that paper possibly get?

A man in Essex was shot multiple times by home invaderKenneth David Cox, 24 ... then the victim somehow beat Cox to death with an unnamed "blunt object." I imagine it went just like this, but with three guys, a gun, and blood everywhere.

Tomorrow at 12:45 JM Giordano will be talking about his photo series "The Summer of the Gun" with Kojo Nnmandi on 88.5 WAMU.

Bwahaha, Julius Henson's appeal in his robocall case was rejected and he still owes that $1 million fine. Hope he saved some of that "Jump the Broom" money.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Insanity is Hereditary

Justin George reports the city's 7th homicide.*

Anthony Anderson's family is keeping the pressure on for charges to be brought following Anderson's death in custody.

Del. Frank's Ki Dos in Trouble
Speaking of family names, three young Conaways have been arrested for pot dealing. Frank Melvin the 3rd and sisters Lacynda and Kelly Conaway are nieces of disgraced, defeated city council member Belinda and kids of Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysicbipolar Delegate Frank M. (just M) Jr. (D-40th), son of the kooky City Court Clerk Frank M. Sr. and Register of Wills Mary Conaway. I demand mugshots!

BWHAHA! Booze-cruising legislator Don Dwyer blames his turning to the bottle on the gays and other Republicans, reports Rodericks: "I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family. You take those personal issues [and] add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming." The "betrayal" he felt came when three other delegates, including two Republicans, changed their minds and voted for the same-sex marriage bill that became state law on Jan. 1. "That betrayal really affected me," Dwyer said. "I was physically ill. You pour your heart into an issue like that and it's devastating." No Don, that was the DT's.

DOUBLE BWHAHA! Speaking of bags of dicks, Hassan Giordano reports that homohating /
vote-suppressant jailbird Julius Henson aspires to run for a Senate seat against his former employer Nathaniel McFadden for the city's 45th district. Talk about biting the broom you rode in on. ...surely McFadden had Henson sign a non-disclosure/non-compete before he hired him? ... And like Henson even wants that job-- you know he just wants to bleed the beast and get at that GOP war chest. Well, why not, don't hate the player, hate the game. What do you think he'll name his party boat ... ? 

And huzzah, a compromise on the pit bull ban.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'My mommy is my daddy!'

An unidenified man was shot to death next to a minivan on Mosher St. *

Anthony Batts started work today,* after Barksdale left for medial leave and head of criminal investigations Col. Jesse Odon retired, leaving only Deputy Commissioner John Skinner to drive the bus.

A beating victim from 1997 has been added to this years' toll, the Chesterfield Ave victim was ID'd as a former murder suspect*

Police are ISO these two homicide suspects (left & right) for the murder of Clarence Ross on Pulaski St on Sept 16

"Officials Acknowledge Roosevelt Park Drug Dealing."

Hack cabbie to passenger: “I’m not taking you all the way to Columbia. Give me all your money or I’m gonna shank you.”

WJZ has pictures of the Towson disorderlies (though the TJ's-lot-hand-shooter has yet to be found)

New laws for motor-scooter drivers, and starting October 1 kids under 8 all have to be in booster seats. I'm all pro-safety and anti-internal decapitation and such, but the evidence isn't exactly conclusive on the safety advantages of booster seats. If 80% of parents can't install car seats right, wouldn't it make more sense to require cars be equipped with adjustable-height seat belts? But then car companies would have to spend an extra $10 per car, so you know that'll never happen.

El Deuce's Christian Shaeffer tracked down the "Jump The Broom For Marriage" group to their lair. Oh, and lookie look who's behind it: awesome human being Julius Henson. Sounds about right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not BMore, but BadAzz

Scientist assaulted in a French McDonalds captures images of perps with his bionic eyepiece.

Bath salts present a challenge to drug-testing companies

Also, HoCo patrol captures 10 wannabe johns

Locally, 10 years in jail for Ronald Brady, who pointed a gun at a crowd outside of a bar last Christmas.

Remington burglar to resident, after pushing in his air conditioner to break in: "I have the wrong house." Also from the Patch, Tuscany/Canterbury burglar stole sympathy cards, Toyota.

Oh, cram it, Julius Henson's lawyer, your client won't be able to afford an appeal anyway considering he'll never work in this state again (one hopes). Just be glad your client got out early, k?

From ModifiedK9
Adorbz-- Baltimore City Officer Dan Waskiewicz adopted a pit bull. And if you once had a brown pit bull with a white neck patch who escaped from your yard and went missing, tuff tittays, you rotten dog owner. Hope Waskiewicz doesn't get a pile off poo from city command for talking to the 'press.'

Old, but just found it and worth a watch: Al Jazeera English did a "Frontline USA" episode on Baltimore, "the toughest and grittiest of U.S. cities ... gutted by circumstances beyond its control." Did you know our city is "more deadly than Bogotá"? There's also an episode on our drug addicts. And here's a show, not Russell Crowe's Fightin' Around the World, but one with some English soccer player named Vinnie Jones in some ITV4 show called "Toughest Cops of the USA," with an episode filmed in our fair city.

Friday, June 17, 2011