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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mosby Defeats Bernstein!

Anthony Brown, the man who misplaced $90 million, secured the gubernatorial nomination, and Heather Mizeur walked down a long hall. The sitting judges kept their seats, for now. Brian Frosh beat Mr. Boat Proposal. And in an upset that few-- least of all the incumbent-- saw coming, Marilyn Mosby beat State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein, with 1/4th of the cash and zero management experience. What the heck happened? As the Brew opines, Mosby's path was actually pretty similar to Bernstein's: take on an over-confident incumbent, seize on the outrageous stories that pique interest, rack up endorsements, sympathize with victims eye-to-eye. I wonder if Jayne Miller's girlfriend will get her job back now?

Speaking of criminals, the two who were running-- Don "Delegate Drinky Dranky" and Julius Henson, both lost.

Two were arrested for the shooting on Monastery (I think they mean 6/22)-

Ashani John Salmon
A very short man named Ashani John Salmon is sought in connection with the shooting at Peju's Kitchen and Lounge in Gwynn Oak, call police if you see him.

Police are looking for whomever assaulted Kyndyl Fauntleroy as he left the Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge on Light Street this past Sunday.
Nicholas Ishmael

A police cadet, one Nicholas Ishmael, aged 20, has been charged with stealing hillbilly heroin from the county evidence vault. And stealing cash. Two of his cousins also face drug charges. Tsk!

Depressing: 62 percent of SWAT raids are ISO drugs, and 36 percent of raids recover no contraband of any kind.

Well, that's nice, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled today that police can't search the cellphones of people they arrest without a warrant.

Big pimpin leads to big arrestin. Five alleged pimps were arrested yesterday, one in Baltimore county and four in PGC. Oh, and they were pimping children.

One Derrick James Jackson was arrested in the county for brandishing a gun* during a road rage incident on 695. So, wonder what happened to the New Jersey cop road-rager Detective Joseph Walker? Haven't heard anything about that case since February.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh shit they got Muffy

Street crime comes to Roland Park*! A jogger on Wyndhurst threatened with her own pepper spray, a 54-year-old threatened with a Taser® on Roland Avenue and a 40-something jogger in Wyman Park thrown to the ground by robbers in a dark-colored sedan and a stolen SUV.

Crazed and murderous ex-cop James Smith's cause of death in jail* = hanging.

Butterfaced homophobe Don Dwyer pleaded guilty (again) to boozy boating in hopes of avoiding jail time; as you may recall, despondent over the failure of his marriage and the House of Delegates' inability to ban gay marriage, he and his male friend got shitfaced while boating on the bay with three children, wrecked said boat and put the three children in the hospital. The specialer-than-you legislator was also cited for illegal crabbing last month. He plans to seek a fourth term.
Wonder how the 5-year-old with the fractured skull is doing?

aaaand Doug Gansler's gubernatorial campaign just screwed the pooch bareback* on a bed of rose petals with a side of fries.  So long, nice to know you. Well, not really. Didn't really know you. But it was nice to have an alternative to Anthony Brown for five minutes. So, well, anyway, bye.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Insanity is Hereditary

Justin George reports the city's 7th homicide.*

Anthony Anderson's family is keeping the pressure on for charges to be brought following Anderson's death in custody.

Del. Frank's Ki Dos in Trouble
Speaking of family names, three young Conaways have been arrested for pot dealing. Frank Melvin the 3rd and sisters Lacynda and Kelly Conaway are nieces of disgraced, defeated city council member Belinda and kids of Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysicbipolar Delegate Frank M. (just M) Jr. (D-40th), son of the kooky City Court Clerk Frank M. Sr. and Register of Wills Mary Conaway. I demand mugshots!

BWHAHA! Booze-cruising legislator Don Dwyer blames his turning to the bottle on the gays and other Republicans, reports Rodericks: "I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family. You take those personal issues [and] add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming." The "betrayal" he felt came when three other delegates, including two Republicans, changed their minds and voted for the same-sex marriage bill that became state law on Jan. 1. "That betrayal really affected me," Dwyer said. "I was physically ill. You pour your heart into an issue like that and it's devastating." No Don, that was the DT's.

DOUBLE BWHAHA! Speaking of bags of dicks, Hassan Giordano reports that homohating /
vote-suppressant jailbird Julius Henson aspires to run for a Senate seat against his former employer Nathaniel McFadden for the city's 45th district. Talk about biting the broom you rode in on. ...surely McFadden had Henson sign a non-disclosure/non-compete before he hired him? ... And like Henson even wants that job-- you know he just wants to bleed the beast and get at that GOP war chest. Well, why not, don't hate the player, hate the game. What do you think he'll name his party boat ... ? 

And huzzah, a compromise on the pit bull ban.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Street life, corporate life, life sentences

"Urban terrorist"/Grand Am driving career stick-up brothers Evan and Christopher Foreman started out robbing drug dealers and illegal immigrants, likely mentored in the robbing arts by brothers Michael, 45, and Brian, 39. The fraternal team went on to stage some very thought-out robberies of check-cashing stores, cash-for-gold stores and banks. Evan was sentenced to 24 years and 6 months* in the federal system, Michael got 12 years, Brian 4 1/4 years.
  For his part, Judge James Brednar called Christopher Foreman "depraved," and quipped, "you don't dip your toe in the water of bank robbery."
  "I don't think the court knows the street life," remarked his mother Darraux Horton, 59, who started her parenting career at age 14.

One Marcus Troy Evans, left, was arrested for a Christmas-day beating of a gay man on North Milton Avenue. Apparently Evans was arrested two days after the beating on drug charges but was released on bail six days ago, in spite of the new drug charges, recent domestic violence charges and a rap sheet that includes numerous assaults, gun charges and burglaries. What dingdong of a judge made that call, I wonder? His trial will be at 8:30 a.m. on Jan 29th at 1400 N. Avenue room 3. As an aside, I see Evans' bail bondsman was Lee Dixon was an agent for Milton Tillman's Four Aces bail bonds. Now that Tillman and son are in the federal pen I see Lee Dixon's working for what's been renamed* as Global Surety and Services, but is still a subsidiary of FCS of Houston, TX. It looks like they're hiring new "agents" if you're ISO a career change. It sounds like it's pretty much like being an insurance agent, only your client is the court and gay-bashing, drug-dealing burglars are your beachfront real estate.

Speaking of gay-bashing, outspoken homohater Don Dwyer says he "sought help" following the wreck of The Legislator; he's attended AA meetings and an alcohol intervention class (like, the same class every person arrested on alcohol-related charges has to go to?).  Happiest of all, he also says he's not planning to run for re-election.

Fenton leafs through the Dead Man Inc. corporate handbook* following an evening trailing the police and a BPD-TV camera crew en route to a shooting on Mannasota Avenue, where victims were transported to the hospital by "private car." (Meaning someone didn't want to wait for the ambalance and drove them to the hospital?)

One man turned himself in and two more were arrested* on charges related to a Thanksgiving road rage incident in Owings Mills.

In PGC you can trade Tide® for crack.

O'Malley says that the DP in MD is two votes close to repeal.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ah, young love.

Neighbors say two weeks ago a SWAT team was called to the house of the four-year-old and his mother who were shot last night; there will be a Waverly community meeting at 6:30 tonight at JHU at Eastern, 1101 E. 33rd tonight. UPDATE: Police Tweeted: "UPDATE-detectives and patrol worked tirelessly over the night and arrested 26 year old Eric Ford Sr. For last nights double shooting."

Down in TX, James Sweeney, who some sources have claimed was co-founder of Dead Man Inc. with Perry "Rocky" Roark, pleaded guilty for his involvement in the gang's murder and drug-dealing conspiracies* in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. Twenty-one other members of the gang were indicted on 27 assorted  racketeering, drug dealing and gun charges by RR's office last year (and a 23rd, Kevin Bales, was indicted this year*). DMI is a whites-only offshoot of the Black Guerrilla Family, founded because apparently you have to be black to be a Black Guerrilla. El Fenton Tweeted yesterday, "Court records show sentencing in federal court for Perry Roark, who's pleaded guilty to leading DMI gang, has been cancelled. No explanation." Last I heard, Roark was being held in AAC on a murder charge. How modern: DMI has a Facebook page. (though James Sweeney's letter pledging to rescind his plea deal is not on it).

Two teenagers, a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old-girl, led PA and MD state troopers on a wackadoodle chase all the way from York County to Charles and Cold Spring, where their wild ride ended with the teens wrecking their Dodge pickup against a pole then attempting to flee on foot. Oh you crazy kids!

Fifteen federal years for Dallas Williams, a felon w/a gun and ammo

After two murders in two months at TeeBee's Place in Parkville (right over the city line), neighbors, state and local officials are pressuring the liquor board to take the bar's booze license. There's a hearing Monday at 1 in Towson, if you happen to be in town please drop by to lend these poor tormented neighbors some moral support.

The Sun's "Dark Room" feature reveals that Old Town Mall wasn't always a notorious heck-hole: once, many moons ago, men in wide collars rode bicycles by its fountains.* Also see Baltimore History: Block by Block on Tumblr

Thanks, Susan Jenkins, I was just wondering about that. Still no charges for blowhard bigot Don Dwyer, whose reckless boat-boozing sent seven to the hospital.

Burglary, robbery, burglary, robbery, theft from auto, mace in the face in the N. Baltimore Patch blotter

Wow, Baltimore city schools used to teach kids local history?! With crime statistics, no less. Amazeballs. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flying pigs, drunken skunks, grounded rats

Could've sworn a few years ago the police dept. was so broke they were thinking of getting rid of the helicopters. But now they've got four spankin' new ghettobirds-- actually they're ghetto oiseaux , assembled in Marignane, France with various parts made in China, Singapore and Australia.

Alleged pimp Daniel O'Brien Burton, left, was arrested in SC. "Police say they searched Burton and his car and found a total of $14,888.04, both on his person and hidden in a purple Hennessy box in his trunk."

Wouldn't ordinarily care about a boat crash in Anne Arundel county, but this particular boat was the Legislator, crashed by hardcore homohater Del. Don Dwyer, who was drunk as a mutharfrackin skunk with a .20 -- more than twice the legal limit. The crash injured six, including four children, one who suffered a fractured skull. Dwyer is perhaps best known for trying to impeach Doug Gansler when he said he'd recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and chestnuts like "if a law's not in concert with the laws of nature and of nature of God, and I would hold that, therefore, it is no law at all."

Speaking of old chestnuts, sounds like home invaders are using that "BGE worker" ruse again. Needless to say, get a peephole, use it, and don't open the door for anyone you aren't expecting.

Mitchell Courthouse employees protested unsanitary conditions today, which included "a dead rodent that was trapped between a window and Plexiglas in the office area ... their complaints to remove the rat were ignored until protestors took action ... someone finally removed it and put it in an employee's nearby trash can."