Saturday, June 23, 2007

Evening Update

A man was shot to death at about 3 a.m. this morning near Pennsylvania Avenue and Mosher Street.

A man was beaten and shot at the Westport Light Rail Station in South Baltimore, his condition's unknown.

In the county, a man was shot to death at about 10 p.m. in the 3900 block of Bayville Road in Middle River.

A drunk suspect tried to run down an officer in the SW, the officer "discharged a weapon," but JZ isn't clear on if discharge actually struck the suspect.

Creepy update on the murder of Phillip Airey Jr., the victim found in the trunk of a Prizm on a 295 off-ramp: the sister of the victim says she helped his ex and her boyfriend dispose of his body.

MoCo police are having their own overtime scandal; there, nine officers have been suspended and the probe of suspected double-dippers is widening.

Thomas Vernon Bartow, 34, of Salisbury drove 150 miles in his teal Camaro to videotape the crotches and rumps of young swimmers at the Woodridge Swim Club in Lititz, PA.
Locally, it was the highest holiday of the pedophile year: "WJZ's Gigi Barnett reports hundredths of kids and adults got a chance to get wet as several city water parks opened."
Only 79 more days of this!
Delegate Carter and Councilperson Mitchell visited the Ed Norris Show Friday; Mitchell suggested holding City Council hearings about the pension schammdal, Carter pointed out that BS City Council Hearings are what got us in this mess today. zing!

But questions do remain about the Brown Pension papers. Who was involved in writing them? Who knew about it? And how did Jayne Miller and the Examiner get copies? And, of course, was there a crime? Who's got the authority to determine such things?

June 23

Moeen Sadiq Raja, 21, was shot to death in Ellicott City at about 11:45 Friday night, "in a parking lot near the county executive center and other government buildings."

Girard Scott Hall Jr. and Frances Theresa Childress were both shot and stabbed in their Hillendale townhouse.

Shots were fired indiscriminately in Remington yesterday afternoon in an apparent homicide attempt that failed miserably.

A 10-year-old girl died after a hit-and-run in West Baltimore yesterday afternoon, and a man was shot in the chest at the Westport light rail station in South Baltimore last night.

In the Blotter: A 16-year-old was shot in the right knee, a 27-year-old was shot in the right hand, a woman was maced by two other women, and people all over the city are either into insurance fraud or leave a lot of valuable stuff in their cars.

Breaking news: teenagers have some mighty creative ways to hide drug use from their parents and teachers.

Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22

The man shot yesterday as he drove on Ellerslie Avenue near Greenmount and 33rd was named as George Wilson, 24.
Two beatings last May have become homicides: a 35-year-old found May 19 in the Executive Inn on Pulaski Highway, and a
40-year-old man "found lying naked and bleeding from multiple injuries in the 1800 block of Presstman St. about 4:30 a.m. May 23."

brownieSnake-eyes Marcus Brown and his pension are still causing a whole lot of trouble for Hamm. Councilman Jack Young has joined Keiffer and the Examiner editorial page in calling for the Commissioner's canning.hamm
And there's more ... Jayne discovered that Brown actually got the pension before it was approved ... though officials say that's not unusual. And Dixon says she's "bothered" and "wants answers," but "Before I make any judgments, I need to get some clarity about it."
Holistic clarity now!

Former Baltimore police offiicer Michael B. Nelson, 26, and his wife, Tierra Spencer Nelson, 24, pled guilty to mail and wire fraud. Michael worked in the Western and in Central Booking for six months; Tierra has two previous convictions.

"City police commander's kin admits 3 robberies" ... and it's not about Nicole Sisker, either!

Two men, Michael Paul Martin, 28, and Robert Edward Speake, 18, have been charged with stabbing and beating Phillip Calvin Airey Jr. to death and leaving him in the trunk of a burning Geo Prizm on a 295 off-ramp.
Police believe Airey was killed during a fight with the suspects in Curtis Bay (South Baltimore).

In Westminster, "An alleged drug dealer learned the folly of calling police to his Westminster home and then admitting that he sold bongs over the Internet."

Today in Sex
William Edward Wray, II, 50, Crespatown was indicted for sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography, and receipt and possession of child pornography; for two years he made photos and videos of a minor female "engaged in sexually explicit conduct."

Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, and Family Leader Network filed a petition with the MD Board of Ed. yesterday, demanding no gay talk or condom-on-banana tricks in MoCo middle schools. The groups claim the subjects are off-limits by law as the curriculum is the subject of a legal appeal.
Wonder what their stance is on teaching the kids about all the pedophiles out there?!

June 22

The man killed while driving his Cadillac in the Northern has been ID'd as 24-year-old George Wilson. Also, two men who were beaten to death in May have been added to the year's homicide count. One was a 35-year-old man who was found naked in a motel room on May 19 in the 3600 block of Pulaski Highway. The other was a 40-year-old man who was found naked in the 1800 block of Presstman St. The killings are considered unrelated.

The two people murdered in Hillendale/Parkville have been identified as 22-year-old Girard Scott Hall Jr. and 25-year-old Frances Theresa Childress. Two children were in the house at the time of the killings.

Michael Paul Martin was charged in the death of 36-year-old Phillip Calvin Airey Jr., the man who was found in the trunk of a burning car on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Warrants for 18-year-old Robert Edward Speake have also been issued.

It's not just criminals killing more people in 2007; killings by the BPD are tied with the total number from last year.

Elmer H. Warfield pleaded guilty to robbing three local banks. Warfield's brother is a commander in the BPD.

A 19-year-old woman robbed a Popeye's but was turned in by her mother. (Same link as above)

A really smart drug-dealer was arrested after calling police to report a burglary.

A HoCo woman was pulled over by a fake cop in Jessup.

The Sun covers Keiffer's call for Hamm to resign.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21 evening

Leeander Blake = guilty.

Five gallons of PCP is worth a million bucks! Who knew?


Keiffer Mitchell met with Hamm today: "we talked about the crisis, it was a frank conversation."
Hours later, Mitchell went on WBAL to call for Hamm's resignation: "leadership starts at the top, there's a lack of direction ... people are losing faith, if there is a real direction, that why I've come out and suggested that Commissioner Hamm step down."

Finally, a politician who can turn a phrase! Frank M. Conaway Senior has officially entered the race.Baltimore is turning into a Dodge City, a Deadwood, or more aptly, a Tombstone from the days of the Wild West, where gunfights erupted spontaneously and lawlessness reigned supreme."

*Sorry... with the election coming up you can't avoid them!

June 21

A 24-year-old man was shot and killed right after midnight as he was driving on Ellerslie Avenue in Worser Waverly.

State police found a body in the trunk of a burning car on a BW Parkway off-ramp at about 6:30 last night.

Wrong Trousers DayOnly in Baltimore folks!
The Police Department is running out of trousers!

A 21-year-old was shot in the foot, and many teenage would-be shoplifters in the Blotter.

A Rodericks reader flees Charles Village after experiencing some of the many burglaries, syringes, stabbings and shootings the neighborhood has to offer.

The city's fifth fatal police shooting of '07 was Devine Moore, 23, in Berea.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20

Shooter(s) leaping from cars wounded four in front of 1535 N. Patterson Park Ave.

"Dixon Tells Police Her Crime Plan; Critics Blast It"
No reporters were allowed into the meeting, but union president Paul Blair reassured citizens that they didn't miss much: "She doesn't have a crime plan, it is a PowerPoint presentation." He added that police are still following the O'M "quality of life" strategy, noting that there's an entire squad "ordered to focus on open-container violations." (Seriously?!)
In spite of the ban on reporters, and on police talking to reporters (so Castro*!), Annie Linskey discovered that:
- Det. Robert Cherry Jr. got a standing O when he said that the patrol division lacks leadership.
- Everybody hates Debbie Owens
- ... and neither Owens nor Hamm are going anywhere soon, though Dixon declared that former commissioner Ed Norris' plan (which calls for Hamm's can) "sounds like a duplicate of my plan" and "really was in sync with what I've been saying."

Jonathan Brodie, 25, shot his girlfriend’s stepfather in the head during a dispute over a utility bill. He got 35 years in prison for attempting to murder the stepfather, Dewayne Washington, and pled guilty to robbing five stores, too.

Murder Ink has last week's nine homicides.

Questions remain in the "Redwood Trust" murders of Jason Convertino and Sean Wisniewski.

County: Two bodies were found in a Hillendale townhouse, one on the first and second floors, and two unharmed children.

Defense lawyer: Former Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell's racism, sexism could prejudice jury in bribery trial.

Former investors in Raven Ray Lewis’ barbecue restaurant have filed a $6 million lawsuit, saying the finances were a "leaking ship."

The state of MD has money for "bupe," but addicts are having a hard time gettng any.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19

Moments before his scheduled murder trial was to begin today, Tyree White, 24, of the 3000 block of Grantley Avenue, pled guilty to second-degree murder for the death of Trayvon Granger in 2005. Judge John M. Glynn sentenced White to 20 years in prison. A co-defendant, Anthony Eubanks, also known as William Cohen, 21, of the 4100 block of Park Heights Avenue, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. Judge Glynn sentenced Eubanks to five years in prison. Details:
On August 17, 2005 at 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Pall Mall Rd and Loyola Southway the victim, Trayvon Granger and a friend were walking when the victim saw his first cousin Anthony Eubanks and Tyree White. Granger began speaking to the defendants and the friend got nervous and started to walk away when he heard Granger say, “man, what are you doing?!” Friend then saw White and Eubanks chasing Granger with White firing at, and hitting, him. Investigation revealed the shooting was over $1,500 worth of drug money.
Assistant State’s Attorney Lisa Phelps of the Homicide Division prosecuted the case.

An unidentified man was fatally shot in the street in the 2900 block of Miles Avenue at West 29th Street in Remington (less than 1/3 of a mile from where a cab driver was shot earlier this month).

On Sunday, a body was found in Gwynns Falls Park.
"Also yesterday, police released the names of two men killed over the weekend. Alvis Harris, 40, of the 1200 block of Cherry Hill Road was selling Father's Day baskets outside a bar in the 3300 block of Annapolis Road about 1:30 a.m. Saturday when he was attacked by four men. Harris sustained multiple injuries and was taken by ambulance to Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he died about 1:30 p.m. Saturday."
"Marcarian Grimes, 23, of the 2600 block of Fairview Ave. was outside his apartment about 2 a.m. Sunday when he was forced inside by two gunmen who demanded cash. One of the men shot Grimes before both fled, police said."

An unidentified man was fatally shot at about 9:30 last night in the 3400 block of St. Ambrose Ave. in Pimlico.

In the county, Tyrone Lawrence Mosley, 28, was arrested, passed out, taken to the hospital and then charged with the death of his girlfriend's 7-month-old daughter, Isabella Nacola Bland, in April of last year. In case you were trying to remember that "stepparent" stat it's children under the age of two are at least one hundred times more likely to be killed a stepparent than a biological parent.

In Frederick, the mysterious case of missing Deysi Benitez and her dead husband and children is still a puzzle. The local paper published details of the autopsy reports, including that father Pedro Rodriguez had scratches and bruises.

Olesker on Dixon's cop-love; Sun informs, "City's coordination in fighting crime is called into question"

Blotter: A man was shot in the hand in Parkville, a Durango was set ablaze in the Southern, the Towson Comfort Inn was robbed, a woman in Woodlawn was choked for her purse.

Navid Eghterafi Nanaf Abadi was planning to drive to Ocean City and kill himself and his children, but police in MoCo convinced him to pull over. (!!)

There have been rumors for years that the BPD has a civilian review board. Whaddayaknow, it really exists!

"All I see is a lost of gials and wishes" - Ed Norris as quoted by JZ
UPDATE: Wow, for the first time ever, someone at JZ sobered up and corrected the copy! ... so make your guess below before you click the story link!

... and Ed Norris (who can't run for Mayor) proposed his own seven-point crime plan last night.

What Ed Norris Actually Said to JZ was ...

"All I see is ___ and wishes."

lost guiles
a lot of vials
a loss of files
lost girls

Monday, June 18, 2007

Everyone's Talking Behind Your Back!

All these closed-door meetings!
President Stephanie is having one now with the police at their union hall in Hampden.
Tomorrow, Dixon is having a meeting with police, but not Hamm nor union leadership: "The president of the police union, Paul Blair, said last week that Dixon also wanted to meet with officers at the union, but that he rebuffed her."

June 18

Today the Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Trayvon Ramos, 16, of North Decker Street; Arthur Jeter, 18, of the 3700 block of E. Pratt Street; Eric Price, 17, of the 3700 block Claremont Avenue and Wilburt Martin, 19, of the 3900 block of Claremont Avenue for attempted murder, assault and other charges. Court documents allege four suspects are responsible for the June 2, 2007 attack on Zachary Sowers in the 300 block of S. Robinson Street. Mr. Sowers was found on the ground after the alleged assault and robbery and went into a coma following the attack. An arraignment is scheduled for July 18, 2007 before Judge John M. Glynn, Room 236 Mitchell Courthouse. Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Sites will prosecute this case.

An unidentified man was fatally shot in an apartment in the 2600 block of Fairview Ave. on Sunday morning. And another un-ID'd man died, possibly from a beating, in the 3300 block of Annapolis Rd. early Saturday morning.

37-year-old Richard Jones was identifed as the man who was murdered on Friday night in the 1900 block of W. Pratt St.

"Marcus Dannon Owens married Kenesha Davis in late July 2003 ... living with the couple were Davis’s two children from a prior relationship: Dacquan Davis, age four; and Kevonte Davis, age 2; as well as the couple’s seven month-old infant, Kemari Owens." ... and then, one day in their Howard County townhouse things took a tragic turn ...

Charges may or may not be filed against the 24-year-old woman who hit and killed HoCo police officer Scott Wheeler.

A shooting and a couple of robberies in the Blotter, along with rewards for info about Maurice Crosby and Erica Ammenhauser.

PDJ: Timothy Debarbora of Edgemere is an alleged dope-smoking perv.

Steven Reeping accused his former neighbor Vicki Edwards of firing a BB gun at his house; she sued him for defamation and won a dollar plus some "unwanted publicity."

It's Fill-in-the-Punchline Day!
A local ho says, "If you're doing the crimes over and over and over again, it ain't doing nothing for nobody."

"Balt.'s murder rate bad but it could be worse"

In Wheaton, a church organist cried tort after he was pink-slipped for telling on a dirty choirmaster.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17

An unidentified man was shot to death Friday night at about 10:20 p.m. in the 1900 block of W. Pratt Street.

Also Friday, a teenager was shot near E. Cold Spring and Northwood Street.

Also, Marcus Gordon-Bey was arrested for assaulting a teenager who he believed was involved in his son's death.

JZ's won three Emmys, but not for these stories:
A robbery and attempted rape was caught on camera. Or there weren't cameras. What?
"'There's like a parking lot and there's no cameras. There's no light and no cameras and actually hid behind he [sic] wall and we didn't know what he was doing,' Davis said."
And the next paragraph: "Infrared filters in the cameras allow us to see the woman walking toward him ..."
Actually it makes sense on video.
(Also in yesterday's Blotter.)

And a HoCo police officer was hit while trying to flag down a car in a speed trap on Rt. 32. WJZ provides some ... very JZian prose: "One woman and her husband were stuck in the resulting traffic just yards away from the accident" and "Among the investigators stood several people. It is unclear exactly who they were, but they appeared distraught and upset."

Fighting in the school gym at Meade High School in AAC.

The NYT reports on the East Side "redevelopment." (Did you know? Baltimore's East Side is also known as "the Badlands"!)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 16

Twice-convicted child killer Erik Stoddard has been granted a THIRD trial. And when you read why, you'll pee yourself as your brain explodes.

Dixon is calling for a closed-door meeting with 180 officers so that she can "tell them directly how she expects them to cut crime," and Hamm is NOT INVITED!
Whatever could that mean?

Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15

Quote of the Weak: "I don't like waking up and reading on the front page of the Sunpapers that we're second in homicide in the country. I don't believe that's really factual." -- Mayor Dixon on FBI crime data (second item)

maurice and ericaPolice are looking for Maurice Crosby and Erica Ammenhauser for the murder of Marine Reservist Michael Simms on Sunday morning. Police say Crosby stabbed Simms with a knife while Ammenhauser, who has been arrested 11 times, "came down weilding a bat and an ax."

victim's father beats boy15-year-old Maurice Gordon was pronounced dead after being shot in the 2500 block of Linden Ave while sitting on a porch with some friends. The boy's father told Annie Linsky that Maurice "was not involved with drugs. Random violence. It is past crazy." He then proceeded to slap, beat and kick a boy who he said "set my son up" while photographer Monica Lopossay captured the scene, until Gordon's mother protected the victim with her own body.

Michael H. Wallace, of the 3100 block of Gwynns Falls Parkway in West Baltimore, was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Sterling A. Carr Jr., 28. Wallace "served a brief prison sentence for an armed home invasion" four years ago three weeks after being let out on a suspended sentence for assault by Baltimore City District Court Judge Jamey H. Weitzman.

Should the fetus be deemed "viable" by the ME's office, David Lee Miller, accused of killing the woman pregnant with his child, could be the first person to be charged with fetal homicide under MD's 2005 "Murder and Manslaughter - Viable Fetus" law. (Here's a link to a pdf of the actual law.)

1,591 city parolees must report to the 5th Regiment Armory on June 30 to give a "genetic sample." And get your mind out of the gutter, it's a cheek swab.

Wow, that was quick! Sheila D. and Lenny have changed their stance on homicide detectives being required to walk beats.
Quote of the day #2: "It's amazing how quickly they switched gears with one unit. The plan, if there is one, is just to get [the Dixon administration] through three or four months until the election." -- Robert F. Cherry Jr., a union vice president and homicide detective

Teenagers robbing women in the Blotter.

Charles David Richardson IV was indicted for murdering Alevtina Zhilina and Trae Davon Allen in two separate HoCo incidents.

We never would have guessed: The bones found amongst 80's boobie magazines in an abandoned rowhouse in the Northeastern belong(ed) to a human male.

In Olney, 41-year-old "jimluvsyoungguys" got 10 years in prison for having sex with 13-year-old "twinkieboy."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jun 14

Murder news:
* An unidentified man was fatally shot Tuesday night in the 2400 block of N. Ellamont St.
* 22-year-old Tyree Williams was fatally shot Wednesday morning in the 3200 block of Phelps Ln.
* 18-year-old Barbara Griffin was identified as the teenager whose body was found outside Bentalou Elementary on Monday morning.
* Curtis Washington was the teenager who died at Hopkins after being shot in the 1600 block of Montpelier St. early Tuesday morning.

15-year-old Maurice Gordon is on life-support after being shot early Wednesday morning in the 2500 block of Linden Ave. (same link as above.)

A 37-year-old man was shot in the head in the 2000 block of E. Hoffman St. on Tuesday morning, but "was unable to tell police who shot him or why."

Three New Yorkers were charged with kidnapping after attempting to forcing an 18-year-old Edgewood woman to go with them to New York.

A white guy with blue bands on his braces is being sought for an assault on a 13-year-old girl who was walking to a Bowleys Quarters bus stop.

Five dead and decomposing animals were found in an Anne Arundel home.

To submit or not to submit to violent criminals, that is the question.

Get Pumped!!! Michael Schlanger, age 48, of Catonsville, Maryland, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute 40,000 units or more of anabolic steroids.

PDJ: Mark Bartles, age 43, of Hagtown, who pled guilty to recieving child pornography after Feds found more than 600 images of prepubescent children being sexually abused on his computer.

Ketan R. Shah tried to scam the IRS out of $1.3 million. And Isaac Ahanmisi, age 46, of Hyattsville, Maryland was found guilty yesterday of 19 counts of aiding and assisting in the preparation of fraudulent tax returns.
And ps, the IRS has announced it's bringing back the random audit.

The Sun and their union, the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, have reached a "tentative" contract agreement.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quote of the day II

"Oh, you're the one who always gets it wrong out of ignorance." -- Prosecutor Sam Yee upon making my acquaintance

June 13

At a hearing June 8, 2007 Wayne Zeigler, 25, of the 1700 block of N. Fulton Ave. pled guilty to first degree assault and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence for a shooting that injured an 11-year-old boy. Judge Martin P. Welch sentenced Zeigler to ten years in prison for the assault and a concurrent five year without parole prison term for the handgun count. Details:
On April 13, 2007 Zeigler was walking in the 1600 block of McKean Ave. when approached by an unknown male wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. The unknown male produced a handgun and started firing at Zeigler. Zeigler produced his own gun and started returning fire in a southerly direction toward Baker Street and the 1500 block of McKean. Neither Wayne Zeigler nor the unknown male were injured during this incident, but shortly after the shootout police and medics responded to 1521 McKean Avenue for a shooting victim. It was discovered that An 11 year old boy was shot in the arm. Investigation revealed that Wayne Zeigler was firing in the victim’s direction when returning fire from the unknown male. Assistant State’s Attorney David M. Grzechowiak of the Firearms Investigation Violence Enforcement (FIVE) Division prosecuted this case.
Blotter: David Bishop, 32, was named as the murder victim stabbed May 27 in the 200 block of N. Gay St. Juan Taylor was identified as the man killed early Monday morning in the 3200 block of Brighton St.

Under a new law, David Lee Miller might be charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend's unborn baby.

Bones were found in the bedroom of a boarded-up house in the Northeastern, surrounded by vintage adult magazines.

CP: Baltimore has far more cops than the national average, and furthermore, more cops do not equal fewer murders.
Meawhile, the Examiner ran a very similar story.

The "More Cops Won't Help" Story

Who reported it better?

The Nose, City Paper
Janis, the Examiner

Current Results

Rodricks: hire more cops and pay them more.

The Ink details the killings of Mustafa Ghulam, Demetrius Burnette, Craig Hunter, Melvin Jordan and Michael Simms, and updates.

A homeless man is being sought for setting a fire aboard the Lady Baltimore this morning.

In a shocking move, Sheila D. spoke at a forum and reassured city residents.

Carjacker/rapist Walter Jose Grey is going away for a long time. (Needless to say, he didn't commit his crimes in Baltimore.)

Jonathan McKinney was charged with arson for allegedly burning a house in Darlington, and Nicholas J. Moore was charged with arson for a May 24 fire in Westminster.

Jesse Woodrow Cornwell III, 32, and Diana Carmine Cornwell, 35, "a Pasadena husband and wife who offered her sexual services on a well-known Web site [aka Craigslist] while she was pregnant won't serve any jail time ... and will be able to raise their 2-week-old baby themselves."

Quote of the day: "He's a liar. His feet stink. And he doesn't love his Jesus. And you can print that." -- Mayorial candidate Frank Conaway Senior on BUILD spokesman Rob English

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12

david l.millerDavid Lee Miller, 24 and pictured right, is wanted for shooting Elizabeth Walters in the parking lot of a county mall. JZ reports that Walters was seven months pregnant with Miller's child, and that Miller was married to another woman. Update: Miller has turned himself in.

At a hearing yesterday, Judge John N. Prevas sentenced Kenneth Johnson, 21, of the 3200 block of Pelham Ave. to life in prison plus 50 years, consecutive and Kevin Martin, 26, of the 8400 block of Downey Dale Dr. to life in prison. A third co-defendant, Timothy Davis, is scheduled for sentencing June 26, 2007. The drama-packed backstory:
On May 2, 2007 a Baltimore City jury found Johnson guilty of one count of attempted first degree murder, one count of attempted second degree murder, two counts of use of a handgun in a crime of violence, and multiple counts of conspiracy. They found Davis guilty of two counts of first degree assault, two counts of use of a handgun in a crime of violence, and multiple counts of conspiracy. They found Martin guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. On April 13, 2006 at 9:50 p.m., Dewarren Artes & Brandon Harvell were in the 3300 block of Cardenas when Johnson and others emerged from a dark alley. Shots were fired at Harvell and he was hit once in the leg and fell. Artes ran away and was hit in the back (the bullet exited out of his chest two inches from his heart). Ten .40 caliber shell casings and seven .357 shell casings were found at the scene indicating that at least two guns were used.

Northeast District Officers on foot patrol a block away heard the gunshots and responded. The Officers saw a vehicle leaving the scene of the shooting coming down an alley with its headlights off. They stopped the vehicle and saw three individuals inside. The driver told the officers that “some one was shooting up there.” The Officers ordered the driver to stop the car but it sped off. Other officers in the area followed the vehicle. The pursuit lasted approximately ten minutes and reached speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The vehicle stopped when it went up a dark alley and hit a tree. Three men bailed out of the car and fled. Two men were captured two blocks away – Davis and Martin. Gunshot residue was found on the hands of Davis, but not on Martin. Martin’s DNA was found on latex gloves left in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Fingerprints of Davis & Martin were also found in the vehicle. One of the victims identified Johnson as one of the shooters.Assistant State’s Attorney Douglas D. Guidorizzi of the Firearms Investigation Violence Enforcement (FIVE) Division prosecuted this case.
A 17-year-old boy was shot to death at about 1 a.m. in the 1600 block of Montpelier Street in the Northeast.

Blotterrata: Akeem Thompson, 20, of the 2000 block of E. Preston St., was arrested for shooting that 6-year-old boy in the foot.
Keyuanna Lee, 18, was arrested Sunday morning on a warrant of robbing the Applebee's.

The Sun names Zach Sowers' (alleged) attackers: Trayvon K. Ramos, 16; Arthur Jeter, 17; Eric L. Price, 16; and Wilburt Martin, 18.

Now, that's odd: the two officers assigned to Patricia Jessamy don't just protect her, they're also supposed to round up witnesses and investigate "allegations of past sex abuses."

Monday, June 11, 2007


A possibly pregnant 24-year-old woman was shot to death in front of the Parkville Payless ShoeSource.

Four males were arrested after 27-year-old Zach Sowers was beaten into a coma after walking to his home in Patterson Park from a Canton bar. Said Darielle Snipes from her well-worn spot in front of Hopkins Hospital, "Men, put your pride aside and don't walk home alone at night."

Roderick Gene Parks, age 42, of Berlin, Maryland, pleaded guilty today to sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography.
... police in Australia received a complaint, and immediately coordinated with the international community in order to apprehend the offender and rescue the child. ... According to the plea agreement, on November 8, 2006, Australian Federal Police received a complaint from, alleging that a male child was being sexually assaulted on a webcam by an adult male., an Australian Internet Content host, provided screen captures of the webcam images in its report to the Australian Federal Police, Online Child Sex Exploitation Team (OCSET). Investigation revealed that on November 7, 2006, Parks produced and sent by webcam over the internet, live images of himself sexually molesting an 11 year old boy from his home. The minor boy was in the custody of Parks, who was watching him after school while his mother worked. The boy and his mother had been living with Parks since August 2006.
U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz sentenced David Barry Mentzer, age 51, of Joppa, Maryland, today to 10 years in prison, followed by a lifetime of supervised release for possession of child pornography. According to his plea agreement, on March 22 and March 24, 2006, search warrants were executed at Mentzer’s home related to charges filed against him in Harford County Circuit Court involving the molestation of a 12 year old boy who was a piano student of his wife. During the execution of the search warrants, several computers belonging to the defendant were seized and found to contain depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, including at least 33 images involving pre-pubescent children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The visual depictions were transported through the Internet. Mentzer pled guilty in Harford County Circuit Court to third degree sex offense involving the molestation of the 12 year old boy and was sentenced in December 2006 to 40 years’ incarceration.

MS-13 news: "U.S. District Judge Deborah K. Chasanow sentenced Melvin Murios-Garcia, also known as Strichar, age 20, of Hyattsville, Maryland, today to 188 months in prison, followed by five years of supervised release for conspiracy to conduct and participate in racketeering activities of MS-13 gang," and Chasanow "sentenced Edgar Alberto Ayala, age 29, of Suitland, Maryland, today to 35 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release for conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering, conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise and conspiracy to commit assaults with a deadly weapon, in order to maintain and increase his position in MS-13."

Troy Gross, Sr., age 44, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty today to bank robbery and brandishing a gun during a crime of violence.
According to the plea agreement, Gross entered the Wachovia Bank at 1726 East Northern Parkway, Baltimore, on January 30, 2007, and pointed a semi-automatic Walther P38 handgun at customers and employees, threatening to shoot if not given money. Gross took money from all the bank tellers totaling $11,520 and left the bank. On February 20, 2007, Gross entered the same bank. He grabbed a 67-year-old female customer and pointed the gun to her head, stating that it was a robbery. The customer fainted. Immediately inside the bank door was a Baltimore city police officer who heard Gross say “robbery” and saw the gun. The police officer shot at Gross, striking him several times.

Gary Singley, age 40, of Baltimore today got 167 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.

So "Sopranos": "Terrance Yates, age 43, of Pasadena, California, pleaded guilty today to an Information which charges him with making false statements on a report submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in connection with the improper disposal of asbestos- containing waste materials."

If you'd like to send Rod J. Rosenstein a thank-you card -- 36 South Charles, 21201.

June 11

Two bodies in the city this morning: A teenage girl with several bullet wounds was found behind Bentalou Elementary at about 6:15, and a man was found in a car in the 1500 block of N. Hilton St. at about 2:20.

Nearly everybody's covering the fatal stabbing of Marine Reservist Michael Simms in Washington Hill / Upper Fells Point on Sunday: the Sun, the Examiner, WBAL, WMAR, Fox News, and WMDT Delmarva.

Melvin Jordan was identified as the man who was killed in the 900 block of E. Preston St. on Saturday morning.

Ebony Hill was arrested for abandoning her 16-month-old daughter at a White Marsh church.

A Frederick man came home to find burglars in his living room.

A fake BGE employee scammed a man out of $1,000 on Thursday.

Good times in the Blotter: Some shootings, some robberies, and even an arrest.

300 bikers raised a bunch of money for the family of murdered prison guard Jeffery Wroten.

Predict your local terrorist activity!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

June 9

Two more homicides: Craig A. Hunter, 29, was shot around 8 p.m. last night and was found bleeding under a parked car in the 1900 block of Collington Ave. And, this morning in the 900 block of East Preston St., a man was found dead on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head.

Sixty-year-old Robert "Skip" Harrison Junior, son of a long-time Baltimore City state delegate Hattie Harrison, was indicted Friday on one count of felony theft, three counts of failing to file tax returns, and conspiracy to violate election laws.

Tasered man: "My head is, like, fried."

Scammers pretending to be from BGE are targeting area elderly with fake "unpaid dept."

A MoCo grand jury this week indicted Joseph Paul Bungo of Gaithersburg, who's accused of slashing his 14-year-old son with an ax after destroying his room with it in 2004 and gravely assaulting him at least three times, most recently in January.

PGC: 14 people were indicted yesterday on multiple counts of counterfeiting, forgery and theft in connection with what authorities say was "a sophisticated auto theft ring".

At Aberdeen High School, five teens went apeshit after a teacher threw away a bandana that was lying on the ground.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Indictments of the Day from the SA's office

This afternoon Judge Robert Kershaw sentenced Anthony Jerome Miller, 31, of the 4500 block of Runnymeade Road, Owings Mills, MD, to 60 years in prison, 30 years consecutively for two counts of second degree murder. The prison sentence was the maximum allowed under law. Judge Kershaw sentenced Miller after listening to emotional victim impact statements provided to the court by family members of the two victims. A Baltimore City jury convicted Miller March 15, 2007 of two counts of second degree murder following approximately 2 ½ days of deliberation following approximately 5 ½ days of testimony. On April 16, 2003 at approximately 2:30AM police responded to 1917 Gough Street for a shooting. Upon arrival, officers discover the bodies of Jason M. Convertino, 31, and Sean M. Wisniewski, 22, in an apartment inside the building. The medical examiner later rules that both men died as a result of gunshot wounds to the head. Evidence from the crime scene is gathered and secured. In May 2003 a laptop computer owned by Convertino is pawned by Miller. In March 2005 DNA evidence is collected from a piece of evidence discovered at the crime scene, a latex glove, and in November 2005 that DNA is matched to Miller. Assistant State’s Attorney Sharon Holback of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.

The Grand Jury indicted George Kensler, Jr., 60, of the 200 block of North Gay Street for first-degree murder; court documents allege on May 27, 2007 he was identified as the person responsible for a stabbing incident at a homeless shelter in the unit block of N. Gay Street. David Percell Bishop, 32, was engaged in an altercation with Kensler when he produced a knife and stabbed Bishop in the neck. Bishop died later that day at Johns Hopkins Hospital. An arraignment is scheduled for July 6, 2007 in the Court of Infernal Affairs (aka Room 236, Mitchell Courthouse). Division Chief of the Homicide Division and Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Cohen will prosecute the case.

Grand Jury indicted Johnny Smith, 22, of the 200 block of North Linwood for first-degree murder; court documents allege on April 2, 2007 he was identified as the person responsible for a shooting incident in the 2600 block of Margaret Street. Darrell Smith, 21, was shot multiple times and later died of his injuries at University of Maryland Shock Trauma. An arraignment is scheduled for July 9, 2007 in Glynn's court. Assistant State’s Attorney Rita Wistoff-Ito is to prosecute the case.

June 8

"It was incredibly disheartening to see a cab driver be shot, especially two doors down from where you live."
Baltimore living tip: Familiarize yourself with the location of the police stations in the neighborhoods that you frequent so if you're menaced by a raging driver, persistent masher, someone tries to pull you over who doesn't look like a cop, etc., call 911 while you drive there!

Police Districts with Maps:
Northeastern: 1900 Argonne Drive, 396-2444
Northern: 2201 West Cold Spring Lane, 367-8491
Northwestern: 5271 Reisterstown Road 396-2466
Central: 500 East Baltimore Street, 410-396-2411
Eastern: 1620 Edison Highway, 396-2433
Western: 1034 North Mount Street 396-2477 (still finding the map)
Southern: 10 Cherry Hill Road 396-2499
Southwestern: 424 Font Hill Avenue 396-2488

Keiffer Mitchell continues his quest for mayor by making big proposals with no specifics, a strategy that is certain to get him elected. The good news, though, is that he's helping to force the issue of crime to the forefront of the election.


You know those little glass vials that you step on whenever you're cleaning up after the junkies in your back alley? Those are used for fragrant oils, not smack.

Nancy Jones says she called the police five times after an intruder left a gun in her house, but the police swear she never called.

A man in HarCo was hospitalized after being Tasered by police.

Officer Perv du jour: State Trooper Brian H. Murphy was charged with possessing kiddie porn.

Maybe PG's ability to solve robberies improved after this guy left the force.

Sheila D. says violent crime is down, and today's Blotter certainly suggests the same.

Tiffany hearts Jason.

The Christmas Eve fire in Aberdeen has been ruled an arson.

In other Aberdeen news, a teacher desecrated a student's flag.

HoCo Circuit Judge Dennis M. Sweeney recused himself from the case of Brandon T. Morris after Morris tried to escape from Sweeney's courtroom last week.

Kidnapper / robber / home-invader Ronald Jerome Presco was found guilty of a whole slew of charges in Carroll County

In non-crime news, Cheatham is resigning.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 7

Interview-room sex! Bleached hair! Flesh-colored lips! Tiffany Weaver goes free!

At a hearing today, Hector Manzueta, 26, of the 1400 block of Anglesea Street in Southeast Baltimore’s Medford neighborhood, pled guilty to second-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. Judge Wanda K. Heard sentenced Manzueta to 30 years in prison for the murder count and a concurrent 20 year prison term for the handgun count. On June 19, 2006 Manzueta shot Katiria De La Cruz, 24, once in the face after she tried to end her relationship with him. Manzueta then turned the gun on himself in an attempt to kill himself. Despite shooting himself in the head, Manzueta survived. Police found the two in his apartment after Manzueta called a member of the family and confessed to what he had done. Those family members, in turn, contacted the Baltimore Police Department and lead the officers to Manzueta’s apartment. Police found Mrs. De La Cruz partially disrobed lying in a pool of blood on a mattress. They recovered the murder weapon – a 9 MM semi-automatic handgun – covered in blood just a short distance away on the floor. Assistant State’s Attorney E. Wesley Adams of the Homicide Division prosecuted the case.

The Grand Jury indicted Anthony Monroe, 28, of the 1500 block of E. 29th Street for first-degree murder and other charges; court documents allege on January 20, 2007 Anthony Monroe was identified as the person last seen with Milan Andrew Walker, 30, seated in a vehicle in the 1000 block of E. Baltimore Street and that witnesses heard gunshots and saw Walker falling out of the vehicle onto the pavement and the vehicle leaving the scene. Walker later died that day at Johns Hopkins Hospital. An arraignment is scheduled for July 3.

An ongoing DEA investigation has led to 20 people being charged for drug-related crimes.

What the?! "A Baltimore County police officer was hospitalized this morning after a man walking near an elementary school in Essex tossed paint thinner in his face."

Eagle: "A Dundalk Avenue townhouse that was the site of a shooting three weeks ago was severely damaged in a two-alarm fire Tuesday. Earlier this week, it was unclear whether the two incidents were related."

Somebody found a body in the Patapsco river.

The Hamm on his plan to have the city's 42 homicide detectives schlepping beats "we’re getting some push-back from our detectives and rightly so ... Whenever you do something new or different, you’re going to get push-back. But I worked homicide. I know our detectives, when they want to work a ballgame [while off-duty], they will put that uniform on and work. If they can do it then, they can do it now."
Nice 'tude!

Blotteratta: A man was stabbed in the torso in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Ave,; a six-year-old Hyundai was carjacked; police recovered 25 capsules of heroin and nearly $4,500 in cash.
More details on the road rage killing of cab driver Ghulam Mustafa (left).

Two bank robbers are being sought in AAC.

Prince George's County school board member Nathaniel Thomas resigned the day after a grand jury indicted him over an alleged sexual relationship with a 15-year-old. He's also accused of having inappropriate relationships with two other students.

Keith Ray, the man behind last summer's "one-man crime wave" in the Northern, got 50 years in prison.

Verbena Harris, the mother of a mentally troubled man who died in state custody, has filed a $2 million lawsuit following his overdose on prescription medication given to him at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

The city's plan to make a "superblock" on the West side is being derailed by the owner of New York Fashions, who refuses to move.

Hey, you in the 'burbs... you might get murdered too. But don't let it get you down.

In AAC, Marley Middle School was put on lockdown after a child was seen with a gun.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This city is looking for:
- Someone in a "dark colored car" who shot Yellow cab driver Mustafa Ghulam on 28th and Maryland.
urquhart- a Hagtown murder suspect who frequents Baltimore, one 26-year-old Stephen Lamar Urquhart (left).

Slacking landlords:lead paint fines are getting handed out left n right.

And is in need of: financial responsibility like Baltimore County's.

While drug dealers should heed online-only NY Magazine's insights on drug-dealing profits: "Sell to many users in small quantities. 'It’s like taking a pound of coffee and selling one grain at a time ... If you sell by scoops, you’ll make a couple thousand dollars, but if you break it down into quarter grams and work for a few days, you’ll make tens of thousands.'”
or, one could concentrate on one's "social capital."

At Least 5 Years for Canton Cops-Robber

At a hearing today, Jean Sierra, 21, of Owings Mills pled guilty to two counts of armed robbery, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and attempted armed robbery. On January 16, 2007 at approximately 2:30 a.m. Sierra robbed a group of three off-duty law enforcement officers (in town the funeral of Officer Troy Chesley) in the 2800 block of O’Donnell Street. Police responded and searched the area and detained Sierra, who was then identified by the victims. Judge Glynn sentenced Sierra to 20 years in prison suspending all but eight years, the first five years without parole for armed robbery and the handgun count and concurrent 20 years suspend all but eight years in prison terms for the second armed robbery and attempted armed robbery counts.


When asked who would make a good replacement for Commissioner Hamm, Ed Norris suggested "the police chief who got thrown under the bus after Katrina," aka former New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass.
Who do you think should be the next Commissioner?
And when do you think Hamm will resign-- if ever?

June 6

A jailhouse search after the Muslim/Bloods prison riot uncovered 80 weapons.

At a hearing late today Keith Ray, 37, of the 4000 block of Rexmere Road, pled guilty to a total of 13 counts of armed carjacking, armed robbery and related charges. Judge Wanda K. Heard sentenced Ray to a total of 50 years in prison. Ray was responsible for several robberies and carjackings over a two month period in June and July 2006. Ray's crime spree galvanized the neighborhoods where they took place and many victims cooperated with law enforcement. The teamwork of community, police and prosecutors resulted in many victims willing to testify against Ray if this case had gone to trial. Many were present in court this afternoon to offer victim impact statements.

A cabbie was shot and killed in Charles Village last night during a road rage incident.

Luke Broadwater and the Examiner look back at the deadliest month of the year (so far).

Twelve murders and a bunch of updates in this week's "Murder Ink," and the updated map.

Gus G. Sentementes interviews the parents of the four-year-old boy who was hit by a stray bullet yesterday afternoon in the 2200 block of Corona Ct. in the Northeastern.

The 30-year-old who was killed in "CHUM" yesterday morning has been identified as Tyrone Willie Bonner.

An 18-year-old woman was stabbed by three other women on Sunday night as she was walking to a friend's house in Edgewood.

A house that burned in Dundalk yesterday is owned by a man who was shot by his wife's alleged boyfriend.

A 16-year-old in St. Mary's offered a free pickup truck to anyone who would kill his mother and stepfather.

Jacqueline Simmons is charged with a hit-and-run that injured three children and a teenager at a Charles County school bus stop. Simmons claimed she was on her way to a methadone clinic.

You've gotta love these multi-page editions of the Blotter:
  • Page 1: two drug arrests at Lafayette Market and a 35-year-old man who was shot while sitting on a stoop in the Eastern.
  • Page 2: A double shooting in the Northwestern, a carjacking and a shooting in the Southern, two separate shootings in the Southwestern, a stabbing and a shooting in the Western, and a 60-year-old woman robbed in the Southern.
  • Page 3: A 17-year-old was thrown to the ground and robbed in Essex, and Dunkin Donuts was robbed in Cockeysville.
And that's just a small fraction of what Richard Irwin covered for us today.

Due to an error by a federal judge in Baltimore, Solomon Levi Jones got his drug conspiracy sentence reduced from from 60 years to about 21 years.

Despite his dependence on heroin and a felonious mother, David Burton got 70 years for stabbing Denny's manager Michael Fredrick 32 times during a robbery last year.

Hey, Lenny: More homicide investigators might help close more homicide cases.

A headline in the Sun plays on fears about MS-13 in Maryland, but one sentence at the end of the article paints a slightly different picture: "A recent estimate by Baltimore police put the number of known or suspected gang members at 2,600, including 400 Bloods, 100 Crips and a few dozen members of MS-13."

Looks like there are a bunch of future city politicians employed by the city school system.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Deontae Carter, 23, of the 2800 block of Violet Avenue today on first-degree murder and other charges. On April 6, 2006 Deontae Carter was identified as the person responsible for a shooting incident in the 2000 block of North Longwood Street. Curtis Mitchell, 19, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in a rowhouse in the unit block. Mitchell died later the same day from his injuries at University of Maryland Shock Trauma. llegedly on May 6, 2006 an investigation revealed the handgun retrieved from the defendant on an unrelated handgun charge matched the gun used in the shooting incident of Curtis Mitchell. An arraignment is scheduled for July 12, 2007 before Judge Wanda K. Heard, Room 550, Courthouse East. Assistant State’s Attorney Don Giblin will prosecute this case.

“Baby girl, I’ll bring my hose out front so you can spray it off. ”
... Anger Hangover reports on a girl shot in the leg last Friday night in Pigtown. Plus an update.

Capt'n Mike Perry hovers above where a four-year-old was shot in the leg and police are seeking a suspect around the 2200 block of Corona Court near the NE county line.

A 30-year-old man was fatally shot and died at 12:33 this morning in the 1700 block of E. 30 St. in the Coldstream-Homestead-Montebello ("CHUM") neighborhood.

Police and family fear that Shirley Cooper (who, they say, was 72, not 78, and lived "in the historic Temple Gardens apartment building at 2601 Madison Avenue," not Madison Street) was stabbed to death by someone she knew.

  • "Police identified yesterday John Drew, 26, of the 2400 block of W. Lexington St., as the man shot about 1 a.m. May 30 near his home by an unknown gunman."
  • A Dundalker was stabbed in the stomach
  • County drunks assaulted an officer at Mother's Grille
  • A 14-year-old boy was hit on the head with a bottle
  • ...and lots of robbery, burglary and theft
The Sun has a local crime story on the front page: "Death on the Streets" about the 2006 UCR numbers. Also, Dixon's floundering plans, and what other candidates have to say about the "crime issue."

Dept of Irony: "The Postponement Subcommittee" gets 'er done!

... Newsflash...Scooter Libby just got 2 1/2 years in jail for his role in outing spy Valerie Plame.
The Post's story includes an entertaining sidebar of other high-level government-official sentences for bilking, lying and obstructing.

Monday, June 4, 2007

June 5

Many of the 41 Sun employees who took the most recent buyout enjoyed their last day Friday and have now left the building; more layoffs are possible.

SparpaglioneA Wicomico County Grand Jury on Monday indicted Tracy Ross Sparpaglione, a recently fired Salisbury police officer accused of raping a woman he arrested late last month.

June 4

At a hearing today, Judge John C. Themelis sentenced Simmeon Anderson, 31, of the 2800 block of Hollins Ferry Road, to a total of 50 years in prison: 25 years for first-degree assault, 20 for use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and five without parole for being a felon in possession of a handgun. Judge Themelis also sentenced Anderson to a concurrent six-year prison term for solicitation to commit murder. On March 23, 2007 a Baltimore City jury convicted Anderson of two counts of first degree assault, two counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, two counts of reckless endangerment and one count each of felon in possession of a handgun and wear/carry/transport a handgun. Anderson pled guilty March 26, 2007 to solicitation to commit murder. On September 12, 2000 Anderson pulled Derrick and his aunt Lisa Kittrell out of a vehicle in the 1600 block of Olmstead Street and shot Derrick Kittrell, Lisa Kittrell, was not harmed. This case was tried once before, in 2004, and a mistrial was declared. It has been postponed 27 times until last March’s trial and was the oldest pending trial in Baltimore Circuit Court.

The BCGJ indicted Kennis Lambert, 17, of the 6200 block of Alumure Way for first-degree murder, court documents allege on April 29, 2007 Lambert was identified as the person responsible for a shooting incident in the 6200 block of Elliott Street. Azerwoine Walker, 30, was found suffering from a gunshot wound and transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital, he died later the same day of his injuries [#88]. An arraignment is scheduled for July 2, 2007 before Judge Glynn.

Curtis Alexander, 28, was found shot in the 1900 block of W. Lanvale St. about 10 a.m. Sunday by a Western District police officer responding to a report of shots fired.

Judge John M. Glynn sentenced Dale Fauntleroy, 22, of the 2500 block of Woodbrook Ave. to 35 years in prison, 20 years for conspiracy to commit robbery and a consecutive 15 years in prison for armed robbery. A Baltimore City jury convicted Fauntleroy February 1, 2007 of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon. Judge Glynn gave him the maximum possible prison term today. On January 9, 2006 a City jury acquitted Fauntleroy of armed robbery and handgun counts and hung on the remaining counts that prosecutors retried in February. On October 29, 2004 Fauntleroy attempted to rob an off-duty Mass Transit Police Officer with an unknown caliber handgun while they were both inside a Chinese Food Carry-Out in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Ave. Police shot Fauntleroy twice as he fled the robbery scene.

buttocks"A police search of a common hiding place for drugs -- between the cheeks of the buttocks -- needs to be done as privately as possible to be considered legal, even if a suspect is wearing very low-hanging pants, said the CSA in a ruling that invalidated a search of a Fallston man "done in the presence of his friends at a deserted car wash."

Speaking of ... things transportational, MO'M Marcus L. Brown, formerly Hamm's #2, says he's pumped to patrol 83, as commanded by his arm patch.
keith robinson
Ew, County police arrested the already-registered-sex-offender at right for raping a 12-year-old on a camping trip near Bengie's Drive-In.

Thanks to Galt for posting the latest FBI numbers. It's official, our population went down ... but murders and car thefts went up!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 3

Shirley Cooper, 72, was found stabbed to death yesterday in her apartment in the 2600 block of Madison Ave near Druid Hill Park.

David Elijah Washington was fatally shot early Saturday morning in an alley near his home on Violet Ave.

A man was critically injured in a triple shooting in the 2100 block of Sherwood Ave. in the Northeast on Friday afternoon. Homicide detectives are investigating.

Jada Gordon, 1, and Jerrell Wise, 3, who'd been missing from Cherry Hill since Wednesday have been found, but police are still looking for Tyronda Smith-Carroll, the 14-year-old girl who was taking care of them when they were reported missing.

Crime scene video from the stabbing of 57-year-old Karen Harris, who was stabbed in the back last Sunday afternoon during a robbery in the 2600 block of St. Paul St. in Charles Village. George T. Dyson was charged in the attack; he was charged with a similar attack in 2004, but did not serve time because of a mental disorder that prevented him from being found criminally responsible.

Gary Singley, age 40, of Baltimore was sentenced Friday to 167 months (almost 14 years) in prison followed by three years of supervised release for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. "A cooperator in the case purchased more than 50 grams of crack cocaine from Singley through Keith Richardson ... Richardson pleaded guilty to drug charges and was sentenced to over 10 years in prison [in] 2005."

PGC MS-13 member Edgar Alberto Ayala got 35 years for racketeering.

The fight at the Metropolitan Transition Center was apparently between two rival gangs. Fortunately, the situation was not a riot, because a "riot is when you lose control of a prison."

Completely unrelated to the story above, two Jessup inmates attacked each other with homemade knives on Saturday. Meanwhile, all prison classes on making homemade knives have been temporarily suspended.

Related to the above story, there's a neat timeline detailing the history of violence at the Maryland Pen.

Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Cavanaugh, as quoted during the double murder trial of "Six" Sowers: "With all due respect, ma'am, a mistake is when you miscount your change, not when you murder two people." Sowers got 100 years.

Two students -- one of them a 16-year-old freshman -- at Milford Mill Academy beat and tried to rob a 15-year-old student.

Racist arsonists (or maybe arsonist racists?) destroyed a portable classroom at Perryville High School on Friday morning.

Murderous perv du jour: Frank Portanova allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill the 11-year-old boy he allegedly molested. The boy's mother was targeted also.

James Abu Bangura and Dartanion Antwon Wallace got a bunch of prison time for robbing a bunch of banks.

A panel has found that two fire department officials should be canned for mistakes that contributed to the February death of trainee Rachael Wilson.

Gregory Kane seems to think wannabe HoCo escapee Brandon T. Morris is a bit short-sighted.