Friday, March 10, 2006

Counting Ghosts

There were really 293 homicides in Baltimore City in 2005, if you include "justified," vehicular manslaughter deaths (Though not victims like Matt Stoffel, who was killed when his head was impaled on a pole by his drunk friend's driving, an offense that would be charged as vehicular manslaughter anywhere else) and cases of death in state custody, a la Raymond Smoot.

A remarkable 47 of 2005's homicides are John Does, and one (actually 15-year-old Blanca Dubon) is listed as a Jane. But most of the unnamed 48 were black, male and shot to death, age uncertain. Oddly, 19 people were charged with murdering an unidentified victim.

Twenty-seven of the murder or attempted murder victims were white, five were Hispanic (two Does), two were Asian, five were of unknown or unlisted race. 254 victims were black.

Of 2005's murders, about half are open. There are 110 victims with cases pending. Overall, 26 of 2005's murder cases (about 7 percent) have been cleared, if you define that as ending in any kind of conviction, or the death being found justified or by the death of the main suspect. Three were cleared by the Year and a day rule (and we all thought it was just an urban legend).

Here are the 141 identified victims of open homicides, the rest are unidentified with no suspect:
Melanie Davis, 54; Louise Blanding, 76; William Brown, 50; Andre Dyer, 37; Anthony Lewis, 36; D'Onte Hopkins, 20; Devon Richardson, 18; Lamont Reid, 43; Ricco McKinney, 29; Theodore Burrell, 21; Eric Pinkney, 19; Lynwood McCaffity, 28; Larry Jackson, 38; Keith Smith, 24; Antwan Taylor, 20; Janerio Richardson, 47; Janice Ruffin, 41; William Brown, 50; Maurice Collick, 43; Travis Coles, 37; Darryl Smith, 19; Raymond Sakievich (W), 46; Everette Owens, 29; Emmanuel Wheele, 20; Leonard Betts, 26; Harold Giddings, (another white guy) 48; Lornell Williams, 31; Michael Goodwin, 20; Jessie Peay, 19; Roman Paige, 16; Sonti Hayes, 30; Steven Ray Kaham, 40; Gary McFadden, 27; Davon Atkinson, 25; Kwesi Owens, 22; Shadrick Woah-Tee, 39; Brandon Allison, 24; Garnett Vinson, 16; Robert Litlle, 88; Nachia Carter, 23; Anthony Warren, 36; Yavonnie Dowell, 20; Deonte Brown, 19; Deonte Pettiford, 19; Montez Gibson, 22; Jabril Jasin, 21; Ralph Arrington, 27; Mark Gardner, 24; John Kendrick, 55; Antonio Fox, 20; Mustafa Aleem, 21; Kevin Dozier, 19; Garry Berrie, 21; Anthony Boyce, 19; Michael Grimes, 27; Bobby Anderson, 35; Kevin Carmody, 36; Caprice Jackson, 31; Tanisha Hawkins, 26; Michael Guy, 20; Antwoine Mclain, 22; Ffloyd Harp,26; Samuel Umstead, 39 (WG #3) Charles Harris, 43; Jamie Parker, 27; Marvin Raines, 18; Lamar Robinson, 26; Donyae Bogues, 30; Roy McCray, 46; Eugene Carr, 23; Desean Dorsey, 28; Clinton Young, 43; Damon Wilder, 21; Tyler Hope, 3; Dante Jordan, 26; Aaron Benefield, 19; Melvin Pretlow, 25; Anthony Jackson, 26, J-Trimae Hyman, 16; Devril Burrell; David Howard, 19, Craig Crowder, 34; Gary Robinson, 28; George Buggs, 31; Dulani Watkins, 22; Donta Chandler, 29; Willie Hubbard, 36; Richard Boroughs, 25; Harry Johnson, 34; Leamon Tyrone, 39; Earl Tilman, 19; William Craig, 58; Darryl Outlaw, 32; Shannon Jemmison, 30; Brandon Lee, 25; Ruthie Melvin, 46; Charles Duvall, 69; Kevin Baylor, 20; Darrius Brown, 21; Anthony McCray, 33; Samuel Shufford, 48; Jerrod Byers, 22; Andrew Faison, 27; Sandy Crawford, 39; Bruce Turner, 36; Shanika Pretlow, 26; Bradley Giddins, 19; Vernon Carter, 24; Andre Grice, 19; Dominic King, 20; Daryl Davis, 28; Kenneth Thomas, 32; Davon Eady, 30; Sherman Downing, 32; Corey Wyatt, 28; Willie Capers, 45; Thomasine Evans, Spencer Penn, 22; Christino Purisima, 27 (Hispanic); Tony Campbell, 51; Raphael Grandy, 18; Don Johnson, 18; Troy Marine, 30; Eric Smith, 39; Ronald Gervin, 22; Byron Bell, 24; Mohamed Barre, 26; Talib Damon, 21; Timothy Ford, 23; Lorenzo Handy, 67, Thaddeus Riley, 43; Michael Dredden, 19; Raynard Thames, 19; Nigel Tyson, 19; Anthony Scott, 50; Adrian Outten, 19; Shanica Artis, 16; Johnathan Coles, 23; Dahuan Jones, 20.

Nine percent of 2005's cases involving a white victim and 56 percent of cases involving a black victim are open.

So where did the Magic Homicide number of '05, 269 (or 272), come from? Anyway, there's the difference of the 19 homicides between what the Medical Examiner and the prosecutor's office say and what the BPolice reported. Who's to say what's true?


InsiderOut said...

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InsiderOut said...

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Anonymous said...
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Maurice Bradbury said...

Yes about the mapping, some guy just left a comment in the last few days that he was making maps, and the BPD maps stuff as well. I don't have the technical ability or spare time to do something like Chicagocrime. Someone in infectious diseases at Hopkins should do that, they have the resources and they don't pay taxes so LKnows they owe us one.

Anonymous said...

I used to map crime. I stopped when I decided the dishonest reporting of incidents by BCPD really diminished the usefulness of my labor. Start by prosecuting the current administration for lying. Then map.

susan36530 said...

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Anonymous said...

"Twenty-seven of the murder or attempted murder victims were white, five were Hispanic (two Does), two were Asian, five were of unknown or unlisted race. 254 victims were black."

And 95% of the assailants were Black and Hispanic. Sad, but true of this whole country. Inner city Blacks are responsible for 95% of violent crime. White people top the list for white collar crimes, and Orientals do not commit any crimes!