Thursday, March 9, 2006

March 9

Blotter: Darryl Chase was arrested for the murder of 20-year-old David Anderson, who was shot to death on Father's Day in front of his neices. Anderson threw his body across the girls to shield them from gunfire, and they were unhurt. Also two shootings and an attempted-murder arrest.

John Glover Jr. of Harrisburg, PA was charged with murder in connection to the burning body of Wesley Person, found near 83 last Christmas Eve.

On Tuesday the Feds unsealed the indictment of Jarvis Lloyd Brooks, Eugene Jeffrey Jenkins, Stephen Leroy Cure, Tracy Delong Fletcher and Eric Thomas of Bowie and Charles Edward Harrison of Upper Marlboro for crimes committed in connection with a conspiracy to commit bank larceny by stealing ATMs. Says Rosenstein's office, the two-count indictment charges the defendants with conspiracy to commit bank larceny by stealing several ATMs in various locations in Prince George's County and also attempting to steal construction equipment for use in the thefts.

Cable monopoly Comcast is getting everyone in trouble: first Shiela Dixon, then Kendel Ehrlich, and now the governor himself is being accused of conflict-of-interest for allowing the cable company to direct their corporate taxes to a Delaware holding company, and to lay cable in a protected wetlands area.

In PG County, the main suspect in the murder of Calida Williams, Dernard Mason, was sniped by Corporal Francis A. Masino, who, according to the Post, has been accused of misconduct in the past.

In AA County, Marcus Christian, who stabbed his former Jessup trailer-mate 62 times, was found guilty of second-degree murder. Also, 28-year-old Elizabeth Kiss got two years for illegally obtaining OxyContin.

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