Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15

bloodsPolice say the Bloods are recruiting kids as young as 10. (And though the East Baltimore organization may be eight months old, there's at least one group claiming to be affiliated with the Bloods which has been active on the North side for much longer than that.)

Eula Uverde Osbourne, 49, was found dead in the basement of a house that was being renovated in Gwynn Oak.

At a hearing today, Judge Roger W. Brown sentenced Charles Benedict Knott, Sr. 52, of Clipper Heights Avenue to seven years in prison for the homicide of James Garrett, 56. Knott was the guy who beat Garrett to death with a cane in front of the Hampden family center on 36th street as kids were on their way home from school. Local rumor had it that Garrett had molested Knott's granddaughter. Knott pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter March 13.

David Evans, 23, of Bethesda and Duke University was indicted for first-degree forcible rape, sexual offense and kidnapping in Durham County, NC. He pled guilty to alcohol violations last week.

Five teenagers were arrested for assault and a car and plenty of cash stolen in the blotter (back after a nine-day hiatus).


Si Fitz said...

Evans is a graduate of the presitigious Landon School, for what that is worth,

Emptyman said...

Your David Evans link is bad.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Thanks, I fixed it. "Fantastic lies" ... what an odd choice of words. He sounds so pompous, better if he just kept his brau-hole shut.

Anonymous said...

That the Bloods are in Charm City is new? I've been telling the Northern District of bush-league Bloods now for three years.

For years, particularly in the wake of the open-air crack markets of the 90's, this town has exhibited a very entrepreneurial, unstructured crime industry. If the national organizations set up here in earnest, we should all expect a sharp increase in 'occupational' murder. The important question is what our indigenous young people will do when bounced out of the gang-dominated drug market. In the history of gang violence, the exiting criminals generally went into unskilled labor. These punks are basically worthless for that purpose. They'll basically continue in unstructured crime markets, such as domestic burglary and petty theft, I suppose.