Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18

The kidnapper of 19-year-old Delmy Beatriz Rivera, Jose Francisco Padilla-Colin, got four years.

A woman was killed after being hit by a stolen car in West Baltimore.

One of Tuesday's murder victims was named: 24-year-old Aaron Wilson.

Police: arrested VA couple were argumentative, grabby.

Scott Luty shot his wife Jennifer and then himself in the middle of the day in downtown Frederick.

State police will be handing out photos of Dusty Shuck and her tattoos at Western Maryland truck stops.

The MD Transportation Authority is accused of making strippers strip, taking Polaroids of them and stealing their money.

Organized Crime: A Bel Air man who pled guilty to insurance fraud, a gun charge and making a false statement on a passport application kept his records in a folder labeled "SCAMS." And file under "tacky" 30-year-old Bryn Phillips, who used some of the $860k she stole from her employer for a pink mink with faux trim and a trip to the Venetian (
Footnote to criminals: if you're on the lam, Vegas is the dumbest destination choice ever.)

Diplay: (verb) To reprint an AP story without bothering to read the headline. (The Wash. Post took the story down)

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