Monday, November 13, 2006

2008- You Heard it Here First!

Got an info tidbit y'all might be interested to know:
The 2008 democratic ticket will be Al Gore with Barack Obama as VP.
Thought Al was happy sporting the Paul Bunyan beard and harshing everyone's mellow with the global warming thing, but no-- he's going to make another go of it. It's supposed to be kind of a secret, but looks like someone forgot to tell his web desiger ... if you want to keep it quiet, dude, you might want to change the page title and icon!

Anyway off to catch a plane ... and I'm NOT taking the computer!

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burgersub said...

i dunno if this is just a standard disclaimer and doesn't mean anything, but the bottom of the page says " is a grassroots organization. This site and its PAC "The People, Not The Powerful 08" are not affiliated with or authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee."