Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 16th

Donta Allen surprised everybody yesterday by pleading guilty to the murder of Linda Trinh.

The owner of Club Malibu is sick of the cops and the liquor board constantly harassing him over trivial matters like having too much dried blood on the dancefloor and his patrons engaging in 200-person brawls, and he hilariously suggests that some rival bar is behind it. Matt Jablow: "I don't even want to dignify that remark."

Crime is up in the County.

OK, everybody, now you can start running stories about the fourth body found in Harford County being ID'd.

Our oldest murder suspect this year has died in jail before ever coming close to making it to trial.

Today's rather bare-boned police blotter details the closing of two of this year's other murder cases.

Resident reaction to Tuesday's murder in Salisbury. I'm pretty much only including this because it very briefly mentions Baltimore, and I found it interesting that this year Salisbury has tied its previous record for most murders in a year ever.

In Calvert County, crime consists of drunk driving, smoking weed, stealing beer, and throwing pumpkins at mailboxes.

Good news, homeless sex offenders! You don't have to register!

Why wasn't it like this when I was a kid?

Once again, this is DC news, not Maryland news, but when I read it, I thought I was losing my mind.


John Galt said...

The Examiner takes a look at the Chief Medical Examiner's atypical method of classifying deaths of undetermined manner. The result is that we have a vastly higher number of undetermineds than comparable cities.

HoCoJoe said...

Ok, 1 person killed 3 injured and the story is about the DOG?!?!?!?

burgersub said...

that is what it's about? ok, good i'm not losing my mind after all.

Maurice Bradbury said...

1. If there's ever a BCrime happy hour, it's going to be at Club Malibu at 1:30 a.m.

2. Wow, whatever editor that ran that puppy story is a sick, disturbed individual with a special place waiting for them in hell. If you're reading this, Doug Buchanan et al, you are too callous about human life to be in the news business ... you need to be pr director for an HMO!

3. That's so Examiner, the story sounds really interesting and you get into it, then it's over in like, 200, words, and you're all, where's the jump? What happened to the rest of the story?