Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17

... and Just another terrible day in Murderland!

jeziz. A 15-year-old was shot and is in serious condition in the 800 block of Bethune Road in Cherry Hill.

A hostage situation in West Baltimore ended in suicide.

Horrible: "Lawrence Banks cut a violent path through Maryland on Nov. 19, 1991, shooting an acquaintance in Pasadena after a night of drinking and then killing his own teenage son in Baltimore."
Banks spent less than 10 years in prison, then killed young mother Lisa Brown and her nine-month-old baby in Laurel last Tuesday.

Davon Temple probably got away with double murder, and now he's gotten away with trespassing, too.

HarfCo police arrested one bloody Eveline Bergman, 46, for stabbing her husband to death in Joppatowne.

A drug raid at 2900 West Coldspring Lane (between Wabash and Reisterstown Rds.) unearthed six-figures' worth of various substances.

Under new Federal legislaton, doctors will be able to prescribe "bupe" to 100 city harewin addicts (there's currently a 30 patient limit.)

Baltimore police ID'd the killer of a two-decades-cold murder of 26-year-old nurse Beverly Louise Feight. The DNA of Orrell Youmans, 50, matched when Sgt. Roger Nolan of the cold-case squad ran a sample through the FBI database.

The Post continues the series Being a Black Man.

Stories on the "news" that schoolkids are in gangs were so dumb-n-obvious they weren't worth linking to ... but this high-larious thread of pissy trash talk about it on the Sun forum is!

Some Hampden neighborhood gossip:
When I went to court about the kid who stole my bike last week, the police officer gave me a piece of news about one of my former neighbors on Elm Avenue, a blind guy named Charles (whose house was once set on fire after he let police use it to stake out drug dealers). Anyway, Charles told officer Basil how he came to be blind-- one day he was high on heroin and PCP and gouged out his own eyes!

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Si Fitz said...

In addition to the three shot in front of Booker T. Washington, a 15-year-old was shot in the 800 block of Bethune Rd. in Cherry Hill.

A big drug bust on W. Cold Spring of Marijuana and prescription narcotics (by Northeastern District police?).

The Sun writes about former Orioles pitcher Sammy Stewart doing 6 1/2 years for his fierce crack addiction. He wants to come back to Baltimore when he gets out. is this really the best place for a recovering crack addict?

Carmelo Anthony is one of 9 players ejected from a massive brawl between the Nuggets and the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Anthony threw a punch at Mardy Collins after Collins fouled Anthony's teamate JR Smith at the end of a blowout.

burgersub said...

the sun's been confusing northwest and northeast an awful lot lately. also, wjz thinks mccullough street is in northwest baltimore. idiots.

Si Fitz said...

i think its because the streets in the the area where that shooting was on McCullough Street are oriented to the Northwest, running southeast to northwest and southwest to northeast as opposed to north-south and east-west. When you are in that area you look straight Southeast toward the tall buildings of Downtown, making you feel like you are in the Northwest. It is actually south of North avenue and should probably be considered West Baltimore.

burgersub said...

the angle of the streets is, imho, not a good enough reason for a professional news organization to grossly mischaracterize the area of the city that something happened in, particularly when we've got this crazy thing called the internet now, and in 2 seconds you can type the address into google maps or mapquest or something to check your work. i realize most people probably don't care about this stuff, but i'm a big geography nerd and it really irks me.