Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20

Hell of a Week in the Ink: "For the fourth time this year there were 10 murders in one week, putting this year's homicide total one above last year's at this time. The city is on pace to match or exceed last year's final total of 269 murders."
No wonder we kept losing count...
  • Theodore Caldwell, 29; intersection of West North Avenue and North Mount Street
  • Steven Richey, 41; 3400 block of Cliftmont Avenue;
  • Joseph Simms, 41; 3900 block of Bonner Road
  • Keith Barney, 30; 4400 block of Haddon Avenue
  • Ronald Stewart, 29; 4000 block of West Belvedere Avenue
  • Christopher Whitfield, 22; 3800 block of Hanover Street
  • Kevin West, 39; 2800 block of Virginia Avenue
  • Kurt Malone, 19; 1300 block of McCulloh Street
  • James Williams, 44; 3700 block of Fairhaven Avenue
  • Kenneth Worrell, 28; 800 block of Bethune Road.
The BPB crime lab is now accredited.
Nice news: "In 2001, Koch said, the backlog of cases with evidence awaiting DNA testing stood at 5,100. The backlog now is about 400"

"Mildred E. Boyer, a minority subcontractor with ties to City Council President Sheila Dixon, was charged yesterday with theft, lying on loan documents and filing false tax returns, according to a city grand jury indictment..."
Boyer's company had once employed Dixon's sister.
Doesn't sound like the Dixons did anything illegal, though:
"The indictment mentions a payroll statement as part of Boyer's application for a 2004 car loan that was 'purportedly signed' by Dixon's sister, Janice. But Janice Dixon never prepared or signed the statement."

The newborn was strangled, say prosecutors in the Princess Anne/ Baby Olivera death. The baby was found at Custom Pak, a tomato packaging plant in Westover (20 miles south of Salisbury).


John Galt said...

Crime lab may be accredited, but if it's horribly understaffed, who cares?

HoCoJoe said...

My question is what kind of acceditation is it? For example if you get ISO9000 certification it basically means you you document a good process really well, not that you actually follow the good process, just that you document it really well.