Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24

Damon Dubose was shot to death on Sunday night in the 3500 block of Woodland Ave.

16-year-old Keonya Christian-Cannon helped 13-year-old shooting victim Angel Burrell. Burrell was a bystander when a fight broke out over West Baltimore gang turf on Friday.

County police are seeking two tall white men in a small maroon pickup truck. On April 14, the men hit another car in White Marsh, stabbed one of the passengers in that car, then rammed the other car repeatedly. Meanwhile, city police are still searching for the man who killed Charles Erdman after a minor traffic accident on March 3. The driver was a black man in a Ford Explorer with stolen plates (link goes to video of accident), and there were 1 or 2 passengers in the SUV.

Early Saturday morning, Anthony Crowder Jr. opened fire in the parking lot of a Baltimore County bar and wounded four people. He faces four attempted first-degree murder charges and four charges of first-degree assault.

Baltimore Bloods member Jamal Winchester pleaded guilty to two charges of murder.

Sunday's fire at a Dundalk office building was arson.

The defense rests for Charles Eugene Burns.

Ballistics fraud Joseph Kopera and a Baltimore County ballistics expert came to essentially the same conclusions in James Kulbicki's case, but reached those conclusions in very different ways.

Hamm remembers viewing the BPD as a model of "how not to police," and wants to changes the department's ways.

Note to criminals: When going to court on charges that you scammed a car dealership, don't drive a stolen car.


burgersub said...

if the woodland ave victim was #82 according to the sun, anybody know who/where/how #81 was?

also, i think it's strange they pointed out that he was shot "less than 12 blocks from his home." shit, really? like 25% of the city is less than 12 blocks from my home!

burgersub said...

oh, also, you still got april 2nd's murder victim on saint margaret street unidentified. it's Darrell Smith, 21.

John Galt said...

If we add in the as yet jointly-'undetermined' deaths Hines and Nesmith from Normount with the very determined dragging death of Charles Erdman, it seems we're at 86 by the Cybrarian's count.

FYI, that the annual homicide count of the city of San Antonio, which has about twice our resident population, but under half our criminal population. At the same time, San Antonio has about the same number of police. The results are predictable:

Crime Response Unit Sends Message to Criminals

Police Chief Bill McManus promised to crack down on crime and now San Antonio's got proof he's delivering on that promise.
During the two months the temporary Crime Response Unit was operating, the unit has made close to 2000 arrests.

"It's not just the numbers but the message. Because we are telling criminals don't target our neighborhood, and we are going to respond if you do," said Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Chief McManus says the unit has pulled millions of dollars worth of drugs off of San Antonio streets, and the city has seen a drop in violent crime because of the Crisis Response Unit.

The chief hopes to make the unit permanent.

Take the hint, Baltimore.

taotechuck said...
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taotechuck said...

The count is off right now. Charles Erdman is already on the list (#60). I've contacted the Sun to find out about 81, I'm hoping to hear something soon.

Emptyman said...

The "gang violence" angle on the shooting of the 13-year-old girl is misleading Sun bullshit. A close read of the article reveals that there is essentially nothing to show that the shooting had anything at all to do with gangs.

John Galt said...

Fair criticism. The descriptor should be 'youth violence', given that the 'bloods & crips' references appear unsubstantiated.

John Galt said...

Wow. Look at what happens when an elderly white guy with a public voice gets Baltimorized. The court pounded his assailant. Can't wait to see what happens to the other two perps.

ppatin said...

I have jury duty in June. This'll be my second time in 1 & 1/2 years. Does Baltimore really burn through jurors that quickly?

John Galt said...

Baltimore has 640,000 pops.

Of those, a quarter are ineligible because they are minors. Of the remaining 500,000, about 261,000 are on the voter rolls.

Now, about 100,000 arrests are made each year, of which about 85% are from among the 200,000 adult males.

Jury trials are heard in Circuit Court, whose felony criminal arraignments number around 7,500 a year from about 10,000 felony cases. If each were taken to jury trial, it'd require 63,000 selected jurors. In practice, the Circuit Court has capacity for at most 500 jury trials, requiring therefore a minimum of 4,500 selected jurors, plus subs. And this doesn't even account for the civil docket.

ppatin said...

Doesn't Maryland get potential jurors from MVA records as well as voter rolls?

ppatin said...

I checked the circuit court website, and they do use MVA records to pick jurors.