Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26

A man was stabbed to death at 11 a.m. this morning at the McDonald's on 31 S. Calvert Street (about two blocks from the courthouse).

Yesterday, I forgot to add a link to this week's "Murder Ink." Joseph Ensey Sr. died on April 20 from complications related to a gunshot wound he received in 1991; his death is considered one of 2007's homicides. Also covered this week are the deaths of Kevin Randall, Johnnie James, Christopher Wayman, Van Johnson, and Damon Dubose.

43-year-old mother, grandmother, and 28-time arrestee Uywanda Peterson died behind a bar on Belair Rd. after being shot with a stun gun by police. Surprisingly, witnesses and police have completely different stories to tell.

Three teenage boys were shot last night while sitting on one of the boys' front porch.

Sierra Anderson turned herself in to police after being missing for 10 days.

Suspected Blood Nicholas Brunson was arrested on Monday for the murder of Brent Flanagan.

HoCo:A 40-year-old woman was shot to death by a masked man at a 7-11 store in Columbia early this morning.

MoCo police officer Luke Hoffman died after another officer hit him with a police car while chasing a drunk driver.

AACo: Edward Spiker was arrested in Pasadena after pushing an elementary school girl, attacking another with a rock and spitting on her, and threatening one of the girls' mothers with a knife.

A 14-year-old student from Milford Mill Academy was caught with his father's 9mm. The boy allegedly told police he was packing heat because he felt intimidated at school.

Tiffany Weaver pleaded guilty to stealing a lawyer's identity so she could get it on with her incarcerated boyfriend.

29-year-old Anitra Fonte Jones is missing, and left messages that she was going to hurt herself. She's a black woman, 5'5", 170 pounds, possibly driving a gray Toyota Camry with Maryland plates "NITA-BOO."

Two automatic weapons and several other guns are missing, according to a Baltimore County police inventory audit.

A cute little dog named Millie was attacked and killed by two pit bulls in Woodlawn.

Note to aspiring authors: Don't make jokes alluding to strippers and groupies when asked to sign a 10-year-old girl's forehead.


burgersub said...

check this out. a shootout involving 15 people (12 of them armed) doesn't even happen that often in the worst parts of baltimore, let alone in some trailer park in st. mary's county.

this is also part 5,367 of our award-winning series "thugs have terrible aim."

Maurice Bradbury said...

It's like something out of a movie!

John Galt said...

Another day, another triple shooting in East Baltimore.

Let's see Commr. Hamm explain how the officer and bystander in this incident have a great life in Baltimore, or are we going to look into their 'criminal histories' as well to explain away the crime ??

SUPREME said...

Wow!!!!!! another triple shooting in East Baltimore. i used a sick day(Today)... and this continued violence i see and witness makes me sick!!!!

I've been trying to tell you guys,
this is a daily operation around these parts...and i dont think that bystander was not using a 'sick day' or taking a lunch break on a highly visible and open air drug circus.. on Luzerne and Jefferson

SUPREME said...

"We're going to knock on everyone's door to see if anyone witnessed it. We're going to ask what happened just like you're asking me what happened,"(LOL) yeah sure!!

the shooters probably headed right up the street to a liquor store on N.Milton or Orleans and then walked
directly back to the crime scene and laughed about it!!!

John Galt said...

Guys, remember what I wrote about the shortage of CST's ?? In particular regarding the availability of only two print-readers ? Well, Jayne Miller follows up regarding ballistics examiners.

ppatin said...

On my drive to work today I was listening to Mark Steiner's bit on Maryland politics that comes on after the 8:30 news, and I couldn't believe it when they said something along the lines of "Sheila Dixon has done a pretty good job so far." WTF?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a comment. I'm asking a question. I'm writing a book, in which one of my characters is from Baltimore. The story isn't set in Baltimore, but I'm referencing where she comes from in one part. I came across this site and I figured I might as well ask. In your opinion, what is Baltimore's worst neighborhhood? Where would a REAL hood chick come from? East BMore? West?...