Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30 Afternoon

Her Honor has announced the strategy to fight crime that so "many in the public and the media has been wanting me to share and express," and it's some seriously radical stuff! State troopers walking the beat, full staffing of the police force by the end of the year, Ed Norris will be restored as commissioner ... oh just kidding, it's the same old soporific crap!

The Supremes are some busy codgers: they heard a police-chase case and will hear a death-penalty case, but won't get involved with a married-lesbian-child-custody thing.

Fredneck police say Deysi Benitez, 25, the mother of four children who were slain by their father in March is "probably alive."


John Galt said...

"The streets now, we believe, are manageable -- still violent, but manageable," Hamm said.

"I have two goals when it comes to law enforcement: Protecting our citizens from our most violent criminals and getting our communities the resources they need to overcome long-term social challenges," Dixon said.

OK, so what you're saying is: 'We don't want it safe, we just want to avoid multiple homicides in the newspaper, 'cuz then the tourists figure out that they're no safer than you poor schmucks are.'

And then in the meantime I guess she wants to offer municipally-funded grief counseling to all the residents whose kin are killed each day.

Not good enuf, Hon.

jaimetab said...

The crazy thing is the ridiculous belief that we need a "plan". I am constantly astonished by the stupidity shown by the "leaders" here in Baltimore...a first year criminal justice student knows more than these dimwits....These are the dark mysterious secrets yet to be unveiled to Dixon and Hamm by the oracle of crime fighting....Make criminals afraid of spending a very long time behind bars if they dare commit violent crimes. Have lots of police patrolling at all times. Don't suspend any part of a sentence for a violent crime. Use decoys to catch muggers, car thieves, etc...Throw away the key for people found guilty of witness intimidation, etc, etc....But hey, f*** it, that's too DAMN HARD! Instead let's cook the books, give Hamm another raise, claim that every murder victim was a drug dealer. Yeah, life in Baltimore is GREAT for those not involved in the drug trade. How many Charles Village residents take leisurely evening/nighttime strolls down to Mt. Vernon (especially fun part is crossing North Avenue--sure helps get that cardio pumping!)

jaimetab said...

What a quaint notion--that one can walk around their city, whenever they want, without fear of bodily harm!

John Galt said...

Are you kidding ? You can't walk around the outside of Police Headquarters without fear of bodily harm.

John Galt said...

A body was found in a car in Seton Hill by MLK Blvd. and a man was shot several times in the chest in E. Baltimore this evening.

Dopple said...

Just want to give a shout out to the person(s) that broke into my home in broad daylight on Sunday! Props also to my neighbors who didn't call the police when they saw a suspicious kid with a stick climbing onto my roof, but now regret it. THANKS!

John Galt said...

BCPD's interesting version of the Best of Baltimore.