Friday, May 4, 2007

Damon Holmes pleads guilty

15-year-old Damon Holmes pleaded guilty today to Second Degree Murder, Use of Handgun of Crime of Violence, and Robbery with a Deadly Weapon. He faces a maximum of 40 years.
On May 31, 2006, Damon Holmes shot and killed Oumar Bah, 28, in the 7100 block of McClean Blvd. Bah was a cab operator who had picked up Holmes on Northern Parkway. said Josie Kennedy After shooting Bah, Holmes took money from Bah’s cab.


John Galt said...

People, this crap in the schools has got to stop.

ppatin said...

Damon Holmes should be put down like the animal he is.

Anonymous said...

Sentences in the Sun about Paris Hilton's 45-day drunk-driving sentence: 33

Sentences about Damon Holmes' guilty plea: 7

Anonymous said...

Bitch fuck u u a fuckn animals n i would slap the shit out of u