Wednesday, May 2, 2007


el debargenot el debargeFugitive suspect and El DeBarge lookalike Arnaldo Lopes was nabbed for a 1995 Boston murder when he deplaned at BWI.
Oooooooo ... and I like it!


John Galt said...

On decriminalization, Sheila Dixon characterizes drug addiction as 'a health issue'.

ppatin said...

Yesterday evening I went to Giant to get some groceries, and got to see some obviously high or drunk mope in a "Stop Snitching" shirt. As I looked at him I thought "wow, here is a living, breathing symbol of everything that is wrong with Baltimore."

Dopple said...

Ppatin, what we need to do is give that guy "opportunities" so he doesn't deal drugs or commit violence.

I'm not sure "opportunities" are going to stop people who actively try to thwart justice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm so tired of complaining about this useless police force and mayor, that I'm actually now hoping some brave soul starts handing out .45 caliber "opportunities" to these bastards.