Monday, May 14, 2007

"Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) said yesterday that he will probably veto a bill that would make twice-convicted drug dealers eligible for parole, calling drug dealing a 'violent crime' that should be severely punished."

Good guideline for would-be gamblers: "Anyone that runs a game 3 nights a week, promotes it publicly, and has topless dealers is asking to be busted."

Fredneck Chad Abshire harassed police dog, bit cop.

Court of Appeals: Funky monkeys Oogie, Angel, Coco, Squeaky and Zoey can stay in HoCo.


Anonymous said...

last night I had to watch JZ news 'cause golf ran long on BAL. after hearing them constantly refering to the tanker fire in "southwest" Baltimore (Hanover st and 95 are practally the heart of south balto.) and reading all of their address errors here in the blog, I'm beginning to think JZ studios are somewhere in Pennsylvania!

burgersub said...

local news is always pulling this kind of shit, but i expect (slightly) better from the sun, and they've really been screwing up lately.

ppatin said...

111 murders so far this year and the cops are wasting their time busting poker games! How typical.

On another note, doesn't the MySpace killet get sentenced today?

John Galt said...

For those who missed the WMAR piece on a Tale of Two Cities, comparing policing in Baltimore with that in nearby Richmond, it is noted that Richmond is at full police manpower, while the police union notes that we are way short.

Richmond has 3,000 active parole & probation cases, and 750 officers to police them. Baltimore has ten times that many probationers, but fewer than four times Richmond's police manpower. So, we're doing less than half the work, comparatively.

Maryland and Virginia also have different sentencing policies. The average length of time served for violent crime in Virginia has increased from 4.5 to 5.7 years since the passage of nonparole for violent offenders in 1995, while in Maryland half of all prisoners are out in less than two years.

What Richmond has done, which has made the community recently comfortable cooperating with them, is to take offenders out of the population and put them into incarceration where they cannot victimize the innocent. We, on the other hand, set a huge population of repeat hoodlums back onto these streets, in the midst of the decent citizenry who have to deal with their persistent misconduct. The neighbors become involuntary Correctional Officers.

Hire 2,000 cops, lock up offenders, lock them up again (assuming they recidivate) if the juduciary wants to let them out soon, and get the number on the streets waaaay down from current levels.

John Galt said...

Richmond is the residence of less than 3.5% of Virginia's probation population. Baltimore is home to more than half of Maryland's.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Yeah the Gaumer sentencing hearing was today, the jury must still be deliberating. I think they all have to reach consensus for death, right? Maybe some Quaker hippie slipped in and is gumming up the works.