Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18

El Janis: "Hamm admits to police overtime abuse"

Robert Perlie, 16, was ID'd as the victim who died at 2:36 yesterday morning of a gunshot wound to the head on the 200 block of N. Dallas Court.

Carroll Hugh Bell, 51, of Philadelphia, was arrested Wednesday by Philadelphia police and charged with the 1990 rape and murder of Beverly Dixon.
Puzzling sentence o the day: "A man was reported in good condition at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center after he was shot in the face"
A 19-year-old was shot in the arm on E. 27th street
and what is the deal with gunmen yelling "kick it out"?

"A 28-year-old man was seriously wounded in a shooting early this morning near the corner of Greenmount Avenue and East 29th Street, Baltimore police said."

More on the Jemini Jones conviction.

The gov. vetoed two crime-related bills Wednesday: the drug-dealer parole thing and also one that would let the police sell guns back to manufacturers.

PGC women are advised to gird their loins "after two recent sexual assaults and an armed robbery occurred within days and a few miles of each other."


burgersub said...

"kick it out" means "give me your money/valuables." it's basically the same as a robber in an old-timey movie saying "empty your pockets," or robin hood or someone of that era saying "stand and deliver."

Anonymous said...

I think that this crap that has continued to deface the lives of our children are shamefull. I cannot really say what is on my mind. But I will be happy when the neighbors step in an beat the hell out of the wrong doers. It is time for the madness to stop, any means neccesary. This is hell, can it get any worse, hell yes.. as long as the communities keep allowing it to happen. I am so tired of this.

Maurice Bradbury said...

oh, thanks, Burg.
I was thinking the robbers were talking to teach other and it was a la "kick out the jams."
"Let's kick out this robbery and go for coffee!"
"Brilliant plan, old chap!"

Maurice Bradbury said...

and gawd, please, no neighbor beatdowns, that would be how it could get worse, if we all lost our humanity and turned into a pack of dogs...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I vote YES for neighbor beatdowns. Send these animals to hell.

burgersub said...

cybrarian, you're so white. :)

Maurice Bradbury said...

Oh Lordy, don't start that again, Burger!
You don't have to be white to be totally naive and sheltered!
There are plenty of little white kids in Hampden who know more about the herewin and the crime slang than Sheila Dixon ever forgot!

burgersub said...

in this instance i'm using the word "white" in the "lame" sense. you can be white but still not be that "white." plus, i'm just kidding.

Gor said...

How about this CNN story out of Philly, Philadelphia

Now, Philly has a population around 1.5m and have had 150 murders so far this year. That's makes a murder rate of:

10.1 murders per 100,000 population

and, if that rate continues, at the year of the year it will be about:

26.5 murders/100k

here in the great city of Bawmor the numbers are:

17 murders/100k (so, far)
44.1 murders/100k (for 2007, if rates continue)

What the hell are they crying about?

Maurice Bradbury said...

yes, yes, I know, my crackery friend, but there are some people on here that are hammers looking for a nail, knowhatimean? And if I have to hear any more of it I'm gonna need an ambalance!

John Galt said...

Not that I'm fixated or anything, but last night around the same time two different guys were shot on Greenmount in Harwood. (corners of 29th and 27th)

And Lenny Hamm says the strategy is working so far. Yeah, right.

And we're burying Mannix, who was killed up Greenmount in Winston the night before.

Whatta great city. Now, the reason Philly is upset with their murder rate is... their gov't intends the place to be sorta civilized. Ours doesn't.

burgersub said...

philly is also pissed because they've had a rather large increase in a relatively short time period. we've been living with approximately the same murder rate for a long time now so a lot of people here seem sort of resigned about it.