Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19

Apparently, nobody told some bad people from "Baltimore B" that they're not supposed to commit crimes against good people from "Baltimore A."

Three teenage boys robbed a 60-year-old man of $15.50.

Police were called to the old Relax Inn (now the Red Carpet Inn) on Reisterstown Rd. 120 times in 2005 and about 100 times in 2006.

Somebody stole two guns from a member of the Frederick SWAT team.


Broadsheet said...

LOVE the Bolton Hill snark! Was so good to meet you the other night! We should get together more often.

burgersub said...

i like this headline: "Police Label Motel Trouble Spot After Murder"

way to imply there was a recent murder there that's breaking news or something. if this labeling is really in response specifically to a murder that happened in january of 2005 then our police department is reeeeeally late to the party.

Maurice Bradbury said...

The Bolton Hill mugging story was on the news again tonight. I don't get it. I don't know a single Bolton Hill resident who hasn't been mugged, robbed or burgled at least once.