Sunday, March 9, 2008

Le Week-End

Julie B. serves up the tale of the purported head of the Baltimore "Tree Top Piru" Bloods, Steve Lamont Willock, aka "Kanibal Lecktor," who rose to power while in jail in Cumberland.
Did you know? "the price of crack can be five times higher in Hagerstown than in New York."

"A mystery is developing at the Prince George's County jail: Why, twice in a single week, has an inmate turned up with a handcuff key?"

"For nearly two decades, Kellie Robinson was just another drug statistic in Baltimore. But her story is unique." ... she's middle-class and well-connected. Yawn!

The Annapolis Capital admits to being duped into printing a fauxbituary.

They may not be as bad as those pesky sex children, but Virginians are annoyed by the French kissing children nonetheless.
(compound modifiers are your friends, people!)


ppatin said...

"Now 28 years old, Steve Lamont Willock has lived all but six months of his adult life behind bars."

And yet he's still a threat to society. A wonderful example of why capital punishment is needed.

ppatin said...

Oh BTW, don't forget Neighbor's Night Out 2 tonight.

ppatin said...

Depressing article about Anna Sowers. Here's something particularly sickening.

"She wants judges to require that the courtroom remain silent when victims confront those convicted of harming them or a loved one. Instead of listening while she told them of the harm they'd done, Zach's attackers talked to their attorneys and defendants' family members walked out of the courtroom, she said."

Remorseful my ass. I hope Trayvon Ramos's entire family dies in a house fire.