Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14

An unidentified young man was shot and killed yesterday evening in the 1900 block of N. Rosedale St. He's number 37, compared to 57 at this time last year.

The man killed on Spelman St. in Cherry Hill on Wednesday was ID'd as Lemell O. Barnes. (I took a drive down Spelman St. last night. Even the bedsheets hanging on the clotheslines were red. The feds might want to go all Coumadin on that neighborhood.)

A cop who was directing traffic near the arena was run down by a douchebag who didn't want to turn. Some awesome citizens chased down the alleged douchebag and held him/her until police arrived and took him/her to Central Booking, where one can hope he/she was beaten severely.

In other news of citizens not taking any guff, alleged shoplifter Charles Andre Brown was trapped in a Dumpster by Rite-Aid employees who chased his (allegedly) thieving ass down.

In addition to road rage, we also seem to have a bad case of Metro rage.

St. Agnes was locked down yesterday afternoon, thanks to a jackass with a paintball gun.

A 14-year-old boy was beaten but not robbed on Chestnut Hill Ave.

Some charges were dropped against some of the teenagers who might have beat up some people on some bus.

Bobby Hough got 33 years for helping to paralyze a man by dropping him head-first on concrete. Meanwhile, in other concrete news, HarCo police are looking for the dumbasses who dropped a chunk of concrete onto a car from an overpass.

I could soooo make an "up the creek" joke about alleged drug dealer Thomas Creek and prison sex, but that would be tacky.

A man, who may or may not be Zorro, robbed a "convenience story". Inconvenient stories were left alone.

Holy cow! College students drink! I had no idea. We must stop this immediately.


ppatin said...

"A cop who was directing traffic near the arena was run down by a douchebag who didn't want to turn."

Sorry for the nitpickiness, but traffic enforcement officers aren't cops.

ppatin said...

Heh heh

Concerned Citizen said...

Well, well, looks like at least some (if not all, we'll see when the trial is over) of the kids charged in the bus case are not guilty.

See what happens when you wait for all the facts to come out before you form your opinion ...

John Galt said...

FYI, from the Messenger's crime log:

St. Paul Street

2600 block, at 9 p.m. March 5. Man with knife took woman's cell phone as she entered her home, then forced her inside and tried to rape her, but fled when she screamed for help.

ppatin said...

If Maryland allowed law-abiding citizens to have concealed carry permits that woman might've been able to defend herself.

taotechuck said...

Actually, CC, if you read the article, the key word is some. Assault charges against the teens still stand for the attack on Sarah Kreager. Charges for attacking the bus driver and Kreager's boyfriend were dropped for four of the teenagers.

Doesn't exactly equal "not guilty," now does it?

John Galt said...

There's plenty of concealed-carrying around lower Charles Village.

Oh, you said law-abiding.

Never mind.

And on the MTA beatdown, the answer is: don't ride the buses, they're not safe. And if you get beat down, don't go to the hospitals, 'cause they're not very safe, either.

And then don't go home and try to open the door,... 'cuz it's not safe either.

John Galt said...

But cheer up:

the Police Commissioner says crime is down 683.5%

John Galt said...

Oh, and as bad as it is riding the MTA, it's just as unsafe sending your kid to play football with Baltimoreans.

You can't go out and you can't stay home. This city just sucks.

LucidSplash said...

Look I know we have some dumb kids in Baltimore, but at least none have proven themselves this dumb so far:

Dumb kids

John Galt said...

Our most recent vic has been ID'd.