Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10

Neighbors' Night Out II coincided with Anna Sowers' 28th birthday. Of course, her husband couldn't be there to share it with her.

Cops are still looking for the man who shot rookie Pedro Perez.

Dang. They have garages in the 600 block of N. Linwood St.? No fair. (Also in the Blotter, a sexual assault in the Eastern, stolen drugs and beer kegs in Parkville, stolen trash bags in Cockeysville, and $160 of stolen cigarette lighters in Franklin, presumably to light the $250 of stolen cigars.)

Check out the specter of Rikki's disappearing traffic ticket.
UPDATE: Rikki denies all wrongdoing in a very confusing story.

Alleged PDJ: David "Dewey" Louis Vasses, of the 100 block of Kipling Court in Abingdon, charged with sexual child abuse, 4th-degree sex offense and unnatural and perverted practices. And gross and willful hair gel violations.

A suicidal man in Glen Burnie followed through on his threats as police tried to intervene.

A man from Frederick took the whole "going to the cemetery" thing a bit too literally.

In Worcestor County, a 77-year-old Pocomoke City man was murdered in his living room.

On a political note: Gloria Steinem says it's OK for women to think for themselves.


LucidSplash said...

Pretty much off-topic but since people seem to like the Freakonomics blog entries referencing The Wire so much, I thought some might enjoy this tidbit from Time, written by the men behind The Wire, especially as it references a topic so frequently visited in the comments on this blog:,8599,1719872,00.html?xid=newsletter-weekly

LucidSplash said...

hmm, let's try this

Time Article

ppatin said...

I'm very much against the "War on Drugs," however I was horrified by what they suggested in that article. I just lost a lot of respect for Davis Simon and Ed Burns.

MJB said...

Now Gloria, are attempts to outlaw abortion really “the root cause of women’s secondary position”? I hope that was taken out of context or something, because that seems really simple-minded.

Speaking of women, I had my first editorial published in the Examiner today!

ppatin said...

Just being nitpicky, but that wasn't an editorial, it was an opinion piece. An editorial is supposed to be the "official" opinion of the newspaper's editorial board.

MJB said...

Thank you PP, you are correct.

Carol Ott said...

Congrats! Excellent piece -- shame about the Takoma center.