Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28

A woman's body was found in a rowhouse on N. Milton St., but the initial investigation shows she might be an OD rather than a murder victim. An autopsy will be performed.

Some guy was attacked with a machete in Cockeysville.

Sarah Kreager talks to Luke B. about the bus attack.

Oh, thank heavens! Sheila D. has a plan! I can finally rest easy.

I swear, it seems like there are more fires in HarCo than there are pervs in HoCo.


buzoncrime said...

I see the mayor and the commish are going to attend this morning's funeral of the Chosen Son who was shot and killed by uniformed on-duty police last week.

I guess they have to go to mollify the certain members of the old-school police, but------sheesh.

One of the members of the Chosen Sons apparently said it well: "Norm always liked a good fight". I guess he found one. I may write more about this on my blog, but I'm still a little too embarrassed right now, and my thoughts are all discombobulated (a technical term).

Bmore said...

Nice Job sure all the wonderful teens will stop hanging out all night at the corner store, you know since they all have jobs now their gonna need to get to bed sure their gonna turn down the hundreds they make a night from drugs for a nice 5 bux an hour working at fair in bmore county over the summer (and suffer from negative peer pressure in the meantime) starting to think either im not in touch with reality or mayor dixon has some catching up to do...the thing that pissed me off is that deep down mayor dixon knows this plan wont work, but it looks good so she'll get some good sleep during those lovely and safe summer nights...

John Galt said...

Said a Dixon Plan job recipient:

"I had something to do instead of sleeping late, trying to see when someone was going to get up."

Oh, yeah, this is gonna be one productive employee.

Bmore said...


what qualifications do you need to become Mayor of Baltimore? haha what a joke! Someone call ex-mayor Marion Berry and tell him that he'll fit in perfectly in Bmore...maybe that will be a good summer job for him.

John Galt said...

In the blotter:

A carjacking at Safety City in Druid Hill Park.

You just cannot make this stuff up.