Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29

A body was found in a car in White Marsh, and WJZ is the only place I could find it reported. Oh, maybe the bloggers at B who replaced the Sun's Baltimore County crime reporters will write about it!

Sweet! Operation Crippler is underway.

A kidnapping victim in Edgewood escaped after his attackers crashed into a lightpole.

Lots and lots of stories on alleged perv Timothy Rhodes. Just remember, innocent until proven guilty, right?

Hmmmm... a PI hired by Norman Stamp's widow asks an interesting question that ends with a preposition: "Did (Stamp) have the brass knuckles on as they say? How do you reach for a gun if you have knuckles on?"

The morning news is full of fine questions: "Where is the outrage in Baltimore?"

Mike Castillo was indicted, and MoCo police say they followed proper procedures in responding to three desperate calls from the kids' mother.

Six incarcerated teens were charged as adults after they responded to a counseling session by beating the crap out of the counselor.

Missing witness Ronald P. Johnson Jr. got a year of home detention and was ordered to await the trial of one of the alleged participants in the 2004 Randallstown High shooting.

John Scott Bealefeld is going to the crazy house after pleading to second-degree murder.

There were some freaky booms happening in Pikesville, but relax, Bernadette Woods: "Baltimore County Police have arrested Frederick Lee Mackler, 59, of the 8000-block of Brynmor Court, 21208. He was identified by police last night for being responsible for a multitude of complaints that the community made concerning loud explosion sounds in the area."


ppatin said...

"For more than an hour they listened to stories about what it felt like to be a victim. A woman talked about her husband's brutal beating. Someone else tearfully recounted her brother-in-law's murder.

The teenage offenders inside the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center didn't participate, responding with silence and the occasional sneer. Then, hours after the counseling session ended, some of them attacked an employee -- hurting him so badly that he needed a neck brace and 14 staples to the back of the head."

I want to show this story to every idiot who blathers on about "conflict mediation," "offender interaction" and every other worthless, feel-good bullshit program that's supposed to rehabilitate thugs. The only to get most criminals to behave is through punishment. Don't forgive those who hurt you, hurt them back, and hurt them enough that they will never dare to break the law again.

Caederus said...

The freaky booms are now officially crime related. Someone has been arrested.

Bmore said...


well said

taotechuck said...

Where do we draw the line, P? If someone is caught shoplifting, do we cut off their hand?

burgersub said...

i can't resist scooping the sun and whoever, but there's not enough details in this article for me to do it on my own site, so i give you this:

Remains of baby found in suitcase

Posted on Tue, Apr. 29, 2008

The Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office today is examining the remains of a baby found in a suitcase hidden behind a South Philadelphia house.

Philadelphia police, assisting a Baltimore police investigation, located the suitcase yesterday in a shed behind the house around 13th and Fitzwater streets.

Police said the suitcase also contained a blanket and fabric-softener sheets used to mask the odor. The resident at the house, an elderly man, is not suspected in the case, police said.

Investigators believe the baby was killed in Baltimore several months ago and then brought to Philadelphia.

i can't find anything about this on maryland-centric news sites.

burgersub said...

oh dang, WMAR has it. maybe i should start looking at that site from time to time, even though their layout gives me a headache.

ppatin said...


You could use the same argument against incarceration. After all, if we're going to imprison people for burglary or assault then what's stopping us from giving life without parole sentences to people who jaywalk? Also, what can we do with violent felons other than punish them? Is there any form of rehabilitation for violent criminals that works with any sort of reliability? Sure there's the occasional heart-warming story about a thug who changes his ways and becomes a valuable members of society, but 99% of these guys are animals who'll continue victimizing people until they're locked up for a long time or killed.

ppatin said...

The people who run the jury system in Baltimore are incompetent. And in other news, the Pope is Catholic.

John Galt said...

It's a matter of logical choice

a) Comply with the law and receive no penalty with 100% probability,


b) Break the law and suffer the penalty X with enforcement probabilty Y.

Set the level of the penalty such that the expectation of penalty, X*Y, is greater than the gains to be had from breaking the law.

If the level of scrutiny, or police effort, is low (as it is per criminal in Baltimore City) then clearly the penalty level needed to deter deviance is going to be much higher.

ie. deterrence being equal, surveillance effort and required penalty will be inversely proportional.

It's why cutting off offenders' limbs works so well. (But of course, it doesn't work if the Nanny State relieves them of the burden of living without the limb.)

ppatin said...

From the article about the jail assault:

"Their juvenile records show that the two 16-year-olds and four 17-year-olds have amassed dozens of arrests and have a record of violence. They were considered some of the toughest youths at the justice center, according to Department of Juvenile Services officials."

Why are we wasting resources on the shitbirds? Anyone with half a brain can tell you that each of these thugs will spend the rest of his life bouncing in & out of the revolving door justice system and victimizing law abiding citizens. That cycle will only end when he gets killed by another hoodlum or police involved shooting, or commits a really nasty crime and is unlucky enough to get convicted and sent away to Jessup or North Branch for the next few decades.

ppatin said...

Rabid dogs are euthanized. We could save a lot of money and prevent a lot of crimes by doing the same with rabid people.

Anonymous said...

Rabid dogs are euthanized. We could save a lot of money and prevent a lot of crimes by doing the same with rabid people.

Quote of the day.

Bmore said...

there should be army snipers on roof tops, shooting at drug dealers...haha that would be funny... "run jerome the man is sniping us again! a black man cant even sell drugs in this oppresive establishment!"