Thursday, August 28, 2008

Correction: Jayne Miller is Not a Biter

Van Smith of the CP tells us that Jayne has been on the Tillman tip for a while. Unlike Lori Barrett, she is not a biter. We hear she's also quit smoking! Yay Jayne!
BCrime regrets the error.

ps., right before the CP's article appeared, Lori Barrett went "on vacation" and hasn't been heard from since.


Anonymous said...

Just checked the b's site. Lori posted five blogs in August. Maybe she really is busy...

Maurice Bradbury said...

really? I searched her and only found the post that she was 'going on vacation.' All of her posts also appeared to have been removed from the archive.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Here's what you get when you search her name.

Lori said...

Thanks for your interest in my whereabouts. b was a freelance gig and responsibilities at my real job have pulled me away from it.

My posts linked to all sources. I can't speak on their transition to print, as in this position, I was strictly a blogger and not a one-woman publishing house.

Also, nothing's been removed from the archive.

Tim Windsor said...

There should be no scare-quotes around Lori's vacation. She really did take a vacation. And when she came back from vacation, she resumed blogging.

I hired Lori Barrett in March as a freelancer to blog about interesting news and to help get the web version of b off the ground.

She succeeded on both counts. In fact, she did her job so well that the folks on the print side decided to pick up some of her blog posts and re-run them in print. It was in this transition that some of the attributions - which were abundantly clear online - failed to be attached as part of the editing process.

Lori left of her own accord. Her departure was not related to the brouhaha over the print-edition attributions or any other concerns about her journalistic ethics, which, in my experience, were sound.