Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend, August 15-17 '08

No way! Yet another inmate mistakenly released last Tuesday-- though this time we didn't hear about it until he was recaptured "last night" (Friday if you go by the date on the story, Saturday if you go by when the story was published). Either way-- five or six days of someone armed and fuckacta enough to assault an officer wild on the streets, and the police don't think the public has a right to know about it? Anyone else find that just a little bit unsettling?!

Police fired shots at a suspect in the NE, but it's unclear if any bullets found human flesh.

Way to grow a pair, Baltimore city! Linden Liquors will be shut down for a year starting Monday under the recently de-loopholed nuisance law.

Judge Doory found a treatment slot for methadone mom Vernice Harris.
Speaking of methadone, the NYT says it's the "fastest growing cause of narcotic deaths" in the U.S., and MD has started giving the stuff to strung-out jailbirds in the hopes of keeping them off the horse.

Boxing coach helps kids funnel rage-- just like that guy on "The Wire"!

Turns out Clark Rockefeller's real name = Christian Gerhartsreiter

Steve Sachs needs someone to properly tailor those pants.


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here's the first story on the erroneous release from prison:,0,2257296.story