Friday, November 21, 2008

199, 200

A 15-year-old student was fatally stabbed outside William H. Lemmel Middle School this afternoon.

Veronica Williams, 28, the woman stabbed by her husband by Eastside District Court on North Avenue, died yesterday. She's just been granted a restraining order moments before.

Juwanna know how a car got off the city impound lot?

No gag order in the Ken Harris murder case.


Sebastian-PGP said...

Yeah, protective orders, they work great when you're being attacked by a madman who doesn't give two shits about the law.

Cops can't be everywhere, and protective orders don't stop knives and bullets and fists and boots.

Sometimes the only person who can protect you is you.

I am so wise said...

The logical fallacy of misleading vividness strikes.

Sebastian, how often does your scenario of "being attacked by a madman who doesn't give two shits about the law" with the police being unable, unwilling, or late responding actually occur?

Christ, you sound like a that 3a.m. Hillary Clinton commercial.

Sebastian-PGP said...

The logical fallacy of utter irrelevance strikes.

What the hell does it matter how often it happens? If you're the victim, it happens once too often.

Seeing as we live in a city beset by maniacs who don't give two shits about the law, and every police officer I've ever met freely admits they can't be everywhere (if they could be, how come we have so many homicides, you fucking twit?) I'd say it happens just about every day. How that's relevant escapes anyone with an IQ approaching room temp.

That said, women with protective orders are killed almost every day as well. That that's lost on you is further proof of your callousness.

Christ, you just sound like an idiot. Once again your sympathies lie with criminals instead of decent people. Coming from an anonymous coward, unsurprising.

Phoronus said...
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