Thursday, November 20, 2008

197, 198

In the Ink, Anna Ditkoff reports that two murders from earlier this year have been added to the toll, including Eunice Taylor, a 69-year-old woman allegedly pushed to death by her granddaughter.
More on the legal issues from P. Hermann

"Bad Trip: Fells Point Mushroom Bust Snares a Guns-and-Drugs Convict"

A lot of people have asked for updates on the Annie McCann story.
PP sent this article from the Mt. Vernon Gazette, which answers nothing

Pellet-Arm Girl and the Southern district BJ tax on the John Watch.

QTD: "an expungement is a lot like wearing an Armani suit without taking a shower — your outer appearance is flawless but, just beneath the surface, is a smelly little secret you hope no one will discover."

"What do you do when your client opts for death?"


ppatin said...

There's a typo in your Murder Ink link.

ppatin said...

"What do you do when your client opts for death?"

If you're a decent human being you should be grateful that you don't have to squander taxpayer dollars and put the loved ones of you client's victim through hell in order to pursue years of bullshit appeals. If on the other hand you're a typical sleazeball defense lawyer then you probably keep fighting in court and send your bill to the honest, law-abiding citizens of this state.

David Richy said...
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