Wednesday, February 18, 2009

33 Years for Fratricide

The State's Attorney's office reports that Eric Jerome Little, 29, was sentenced to 33 years for stabbing his 16-year-old brother to death with a knife. Details:
On July 12, 2008 at approximately 3:30AM police responded to the 3700 block of Liberty Heights Ave. for a stabbing. Upon arrival, police discovered Calvin Ray, 16, suffering from a single stab wound to the heart. Medics transported Ray to Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead. During the course of the investigation, police learn that Little and his brother, Calvin Ray, got into an argument inside the house over personal living space and that argument escalated and led to a fight outside and that Little retrieved a knife from the house and stabbed Ray.

The sister of both the defendant and the victim delivered an emotional victim impact statement to the court, telling Judge Rasin that their mother lost two sons that day. The defendant issued a tearful apology to his family before being led from the courtroom.
Two arrested for Monday night's murder of James Flanary/ Flannery

Reports WBAL's Kate Amara, "Currently, the murder rate is on the rise again, but the overall crime rate is down, statistics showed." (Really? What statistics?)
UPDATE, a reader writes,
"to answer your question about the statistics Kate Amara cited: Homicides up 44%, but shootings down 48%, robbery down 19%, aggravated assaults down 19%, larceny down 18%, auto theft down 30%, total vio,ent crime down 18 percent, property crime down 15 percent, and total crime overall down 17 percent. Only thing besides homicide that is up are burglaries, up 5%. According to police stats as of 2/7."
Maybe it's time for another trip to Six Flags!

Hermann has more on Dixon's "day on crime"

The federal agents who arrested 24 Latinos during a 2007 raid at a Southeast Baltimore 7-Eleven felt pressure from supervisors to round up possible illegal immigrants to 'produce statistics.'"

Dixon granted an exclusive interview to JZ hottie Adam May.

A female officer who shall remain nameless shot a man to death after he allegedly attacked her.

Teens going apestuff on a bus led to a juvenile stabbed onboard at 38th and Ellerslie.

Shiteously depressing trial continues in Towson for the couple accused of starving their toddler son to death. The Sun's Nick Madigan reports that the "dad" "acted belligerently," called police officers "a bunch of gorillas"

Also in the county, a man was arrested after he "allegedly stabbed a woman with a steak knife and injured two other people following an argument."

David Anthony Johnson faces 30 years in federal prison and a fine of $1 million after pleading guilty to stealing his dead neighbor's identity

What the?! North Daktoa legislators decree that a fertilized egg = a person


ppatin said...

The fact that pro-lifers consider a microscopic fertilized egg to be the equivalent of a living, breathing, thinking person shows how little respect they have for actual human beings.

BTW, the idea that ND's law against abortion isn't in conflict with Roe v. Wade is absurd. You can be sure it'll be struck down by the courts before it ever goes into effect, assuming it even passes the state Senate.

Unknown said...

Dixon claims her indictment is a witch-hunt.

How appropriate.

"Ding, Dong, the wicked witch is dead...."

Unknown said...

Did anyone see the interview last night with Bealefeld in which he blamed rising property crime on the victims ??

I find it outrageous that he sits there and determines how much crime (and of which types) are satisfactory and acceptable.

Crime is crime. It's wrong. That's why we have police, even if not enough of them.

He should be seeing to the incarceration of the people who do these things; all of them.

ppatin said...

Death penalty drama in the state senate. Mike Miller is worried about a filibuster. If there's one bright side to this endless blah blah blah about capital punishment it's the possibility if a filibuster tying up the Senate and preventing them from passing any other stupid legislation. In my experience the less the Maryland General Assembly accomplishes, the better.

John Galt said...

Jewaunna Greene again on why kids stabbing people on city buses is kinda, sorta normal.

ppatin said...

Did anyone listen to the Ron Smith Show this evening? He had Gregory Kane & one other guest (I forget the guy's name) discussing the death penalty, and they really tore into O'Malley and how his arguments against capital punishment were both intellectually and morally bankrupt. The audio clips of O'Malley's testimony in front of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee were pretty sickening.

Cham said...

If homicides are up by 44% and shootings are down 48% I will assume marksmanship in Baltimore City is improving remarkably over last year.

Is there some sort of big international competition for target accuracy? If so, the city should definitely think about getting a team together.

ppatin said...

Our neighbor state to the south is set to execute cop-killer Edward Nathaniel Bell tonight. Once again Virginia shows how criminals should be dealt with.

ppatin said...

This story gives me a bad feeling that our country's new Attorney General will be more concerned with touchy-feely, politically correct BS than with enforcing the law.