Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Blog Alerts

Fraud With Peril: former federal prosecutors blogging about white-collar crime in MD, DC & VA ... saucy headline writers who probably know more secrets than Mata Hari!

Mobtown Media Beat, a photojournalist delivers the lowdown

No Sugar No Sweet, a TU student on the realities of Baltimore living


Kofi Bofah said...

Former Marylander (Silver Spring) coming past to see what is happening in Baltimore.

Your blog is very morbid.

ppatin said...

Why I hate Martin O'Malley oh so much.

ppatin said...

Here's some good news for once: Idiot hoodlum tries to disarm police officer, gets fatally shot in the process. A criminal is off the streets for good, and the taxpayers are spared the expense of trying and incarcerating him.

Unknown said...

ppatin - you know the poor misguided youth's family will be complaining about police brutality and that their son, brother, father was just turning his life around when the police killed him. There will be a civil suit by some skeezy shyster and a settlement to save the cost of litigation.

ppatin said...

"He was a good boy."
"He made a few bad choices but he was turning his life around."
"Why'd the racist po-lice murder my baby!"

Ugh, I can hear it already. This city needs an enema.

Unknown said...

WE had an enema - it was called a mayoral election. The crap flowed right into City Hall and continues to stink up the city with corruption and denial and finger pointing.