Thursday, March 12, 2009

Asking for Trouble

Police are ISO a man wanted for shooting two people.
And WBAL asked someone to come and steal two laptops. Da!

Hermann has lots to say about naming police who shoot citizens.
At a City Council hearing [Tuesday March 10] ... members were angry at the department's explanations. They should have also been angry at themselves for the childish way they acted at a previous hearing when they blew their chance to ask Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III tough questions about this policy. Instead, they bought the department's line to the point where they fawned over the top cop and abdicated their roles as public watchdogs.
The police now say they will review the policy. And the feud between Jack Young and FHBIII heats up! You know you're in trouble when dad's "disappointed"

Do you really want to relive the horror of the Palczynski hostage situation, nine years ago this month? If so, check out WBAL's special, "A Legacy of Pain"

Big damage$ in the Jacksonville leaky Exxon case.

Gansler will be testifying in A-town in favor
of HB 1055, aka the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.

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