Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Heroes Who Shall Remain Nameless

Irony alert: police officers "receive highest honor for actions under fire," but 1/4 of the recipients would not be name-able under the department's new policy.
(And doesn't this WMAR story read like it was translated from a Chinese newspaper?)

"Two men were shot Tuesday night while standing at an intersection in the Ellwood Park-Monument neighborhood in East Baltimore."

This week's four murders in the Ink.
The words "African-American" take up a lot of space.

Man who lied about the murder of his son gets 5 years

Outrage of the day: of course energy bills are going up, BGE has a lot of political contributions to make!


Sean said...

My God, that really is a horribly written (and proofread) article.

I do love the quote "A lot of them have been drug-infected, you know.”

Sean said...

The words "African-American" take up a lot of space.

Especially when they appear 18 times!

Sean said...

"City police rethinking policy of not releasing officers' names"

Sebastian-PGP said...

Don't point that out! It's racist!

And I've got this bridge for sale...