Thursday, June 25, 2009

108 (at least)

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Murder of a young man at the Perkins Homes last night.


John Galt said...

Here's WBAL's blurb on the FBI's most dangerous neighborhoods.

John Galt said...

And here's coverage of Baltimore City's leaders patting themselves on the back for a strategy that essentially instructs criminals which crimes will be tolerated here.

Think about it.

The Baltimore Cynic said...

"When you have a city as violent as Baltimore, if you have enough to bring an indictment, we're not going to give bad guys a choice," said Margaret T. Burns, a spokeswoman for Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy.

I have to agree with the State's Attorney's office here. If someone violates the crime and there's enough to put them away, why avoid it? If the crime is one that's non-violent and seen as harmless, then why not decriminalize drugs and tax them to oblivion?

The bigger question is, what are they doing to prevent the 10-15 year old crowd? Crime in Baltimore is insidious on the level of terrorism because it relies heavily on youth recruitment...

Cham said...

Oh, we are going to have some zero tolerance. We are going to lock the evildoers up and throw away the key. We are going to teach those criminals a lesson. We are going to tell them all they are gang members, the big bad BGF, the MS13, the T412, the Crips, the Bloods the O- and the AB+. Yes, we are going to tell the taxpayer we are concerned, the tourists will be protected by the po-po in their blue parachute suits. If the cops can't make an arrest today at least they will be in the right outfit to jump out of a plane or fight guerrillas or gorillas in Nicaragua.

I am just a little silly person here in Baltimore, the only one that is a teeny tiny bit alarmed that there has been 108 killins and we aren't even half way through the year yet. I know there is a way to prevent this mess, we know what causes it, we know what we have to do to stop the violence, but not one of our esteemed elected officials have the gonads to speak the truth and implement any obvious solution.

I guess we, as a society, are going to be much happier building more prisons, more courts, employing more police officers and hosing down the blood stains on the sidewalks. We already don't have the money to pay for this evergrowing judicial system tumor, eventually the system will collapse on itself. How many people are going to have to die and how much of my money is going to be wasted in the interim before we get to that point?

anonymous said...

Another gov't secret: the number one purchaser and holder of prison construction bonds is Baltimore Teachers Union Pension Fund.
Yes, the Baltimore Public School teachers have a vested interest in increasing and maintaining the prison population.