Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mayor to Step Down at 3 p.m.?!

WBAL Tweets "Mayor Sheila Dixon says she will make a statement at 3pm about the recent jury verdict in her theft trial. Hear it on AM 1090 WBAL"

... JZ will cover it also and notes "Her office says she will not take media questions after the 3 p.m. news conference."
Some nerve!

.. WBAL TV is also planning to cover what they're calling an "announcement" live on the TV and the Internets.
Is Steala "Conviction" Dixon going to do the right thing?!


Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for this day since 2003. that bitch should've never been mayor. she is so fake. i know her so i can tell you the truth. i used to be behind this woman 100% but she turned on me. she's a thief. i think she stole my wallet, really.

ms dixon, the ones you see on the way up are the same ones you'll see on the way down.

Laura said...

that would be a negative on stepping down.

seriously, though, we already know she's greedy. how surprising is it that she's unwilling to give up the job? SHE NEEDS HER BLAHNIKS, DAMMIT!

Maurice Bradbury said...

Wow. Right up to your face and diss you, media!!